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  1. Thank you very much for your advice. It would appear that crypto tax is even more complex than I thought. It's a shame that it's so difficult, as it will cause ordinary people to either abandon crypto altogether, or fall foul to HMRC.
  2. Wow, that is beautiful. I best keep my eyes peeled during my travels, it would certainly make a fine addition to the collection. Looks like even the approved PAMP distributors don't always get it right, as I emailed goldavenue.com asking if they could source me this bar, they replied; "Answering your question, this PAMP gold bar was never produced. It can be produced, however, it would require a large quantity order." 🤔
  3. Hi, PAMP Fortuna for now. Maybe my bank balance will allow me to broaden my collection in the future. 🙂
  4. Wow, what a fantastic writeup, many thanks! I'll have to keep my eye out for both the 1/4oz and 8g then. 🙂 May I ask how you store your gold bars? Regarding becoming a member, I'll certainly give it some thought. It looks like it is certainly worth the price. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I'm afraid so, I've started down the Fortuna path. 🙂
  6. Hello all, My collection is starting to take shape with the purchase of several PAMP Fortuna gold bars. I'm struggling however to find somewhere that sells the 1/4oz Gold bar though. I've searched every seller that PAMP states that should sell it, however none do. I've emailed PAMP and several sellers directly, just waiting for any replies. In the meantime though, can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? Secondly, I have one of the plastic PAMP storage boxes however I would very much like something else, what exactly I'm not sure, but would love some ideas. I found this aluminium storage box whilst browsing, but it would appear to have been a one off and no trace of who the seller was.
  7. Have to agree, excellent writeup, thanks. I'm still deciding to collect sovereigns or britannias, whilst I'm still making up my mind I've ordered some PAMP bars. The fact that the coins don't attract CGT is a big plus for me, but those bars are incredible.
  8. Many thanks for the detailed reply.
  9. Many thanks for your advice.
  10. Wow, really, I thought they would secure them in a capsule or something. What do you use for your collection, the single capsules, tubes or some sort of display box?
  11. Hello all, May sound like a daft question, but how do gold Sovereigns come packaged? I am yet to take receipt of any physical gold, and have been looking at gold-price.co.uk for the best prices. Do they come packaged the same no matter where you buy them from, ie in the capsules that I have seen on this forum, or is it dependent on where you buy from. That leads me on to my second question, do you all tend to buy from the same supplier to "standardise" your collection with standard receipts etc, certificates etc, or do you shop around? Thanks in advance.
  12. Many thanks for all the advice, I will certainly give reddit a read. As for why I use Bullionstar, it's for two reasons; they accept crypto and more importantly, they have a sort of savings program whereby you can buy 1g at a time and so I can buy as much or as little as I'm able to afford at the time. I would much prefer to keep my money a little closer to home however this was the only place that met my needs that I could find.
  13. Hello all, I have been a lurker of this forum for some time and so thought best to finally say hi. I am a big believer in crypto and use it extensively. I have also been using it to buy Gold Brittania's via Bullionstar and having them hold them for me as an investment. My query however, is when the time comes for me to sell up (either selling to Bullionstar directly or shipping my gold back to the UK and selling here), how will HMRC react? I will obviously have full receipts for all my gold with Bullionstar and my crypto is all completely legal, which I have bought over a long time from various places (exchanges, Coinbase, Localbitcoins etc). However, as I am sure most will agree, trying to keep accurate records of all this crypto movement is near impossible, certainly for me, and so it may look suspicious not being able to accurately account for the initial source of funds for the crypto. Can anyone provide any advice regarding what I could do.
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