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  1. It is great to see how @Panda6Pack has introduced the Korean Phoenix with detailed information. I am always looking forward to @Panda6Pack on new post about KOMSCO products. Korean Phoenix being the First Investment Silver Bullion from KOMSCO, hopefully customers in the UK area can grab some 'Korean Phoenix' from @Panda6Pack.
  2. No. The prize for the 1st Lucky Coin Live Draw will be carried over to the 2nd Lucky Coin Live Draw. The winner of the 2nd Lucky Coin Live Draw will take home 10 oz of Gold. The prize will be x1 1st Series Lucky Coin Gold 5 oz and x1 2nd Series Lucky Coin Gold 5 oz.
  3. Which Komsco item would you pass down to your family?
  4. This is the new 2020 Taekwondo Silver 1 Oz Bu. Please tell me what you think of them.
  5. Hello, everyone. The Chiwoo Silver Statue is set to release soon. Below are pictures of the Silver Statues in 15 Oz and 30 Oz. Mintage is 100 for the 15 Oz and 10 for the 30 Oz. Please let me know what you think of them.
  6. Royal Korea Mint is a private company. I do not work for RKM. However, I can tell you that RKM have minted for at least 11 years.
  7. 12 Letters is better than 13. 13 is an unlucky number. And, I am an English Speaking Friend who have checked. I see no problem with 'Always Winner'. And, majority of people asked had no problem with it. Added 0 minutes later... They are a private mint based in South Korea.
  8. 'Always a Winner' or 'Always Winning' are 13 letter phrases. The theme of the coin is luck. It is like a charm that will guide the buyer to luck. This is just one of the reasons why 'Always Winner' is more fit as it is a 12 letter phrase.
  9. I will be staying at the Estrel.
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