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  1. I think what you're looking for is a set of filters. That's the requirement, then the requests from everyone would define what they'd like in an ideal world. The developer can then let us know what's possible in the real world and put a release schedule in place. I would guess that it is easier to focus on one aspect at a time so if anyone else has had thoughts on splits/ordering etc then now is the time to shout out to make it as easy as possible for our gracious friend @S2G
  2. Britannia's seem popular yes. There appears to be a few regular coins like philharmonic, kangaroos and owls that are of interest to people looking for repeated purchases at the lowest prices.
  3. I noticed that on iphone that when I click: You can get in touch via email. As I use gmail instead of the mail app I get a message asking me to restore my mail app. I would suggest changing the text to show your email address. Screen shot attached. I hope you don't find my suggestions too annoying, apologies if so. I'm hoping that I'm helping! Happy to be told to mind my own bloody business!
  4. This is a great idea. Congrats on executing it well too. Simple front end with a low server load is good for everyone. I have 2 comments if I may. 1) Is it possible to add a silver section? 2) Have you considered adding the source to github to get community input, track bugs and receive assistance with the code base? I would also suggest that if you add a wishlist of things that you need help with somewhere, then people will offer assistance as a way of saying thanks for running the site.
  5. Absolutely Perfect! Thanks.
  6. Hello, I've tried to use the search with various terms but have come up short... I'm basically wondering how to test the few coins I have are genuine, being a newbie I guess I'm extra suspicious/low on confidence. The published weights seem to vary from what I make them and the size on another is different, however, I'm using some cheap scales and a shatterproof ruler to compare! Is there a online service, high street company or forum member near WF10 that I might be able to take my coins and have them confirmed? Perhaps there's also the possibility of buying some device to check them. I 'googled' and found a liquid solution that you put on them but I read that it tarnishes the coin, so that's not ideal. Also I expect that there is already a post on here that answers my question and I'd be more than happy to re-read an old post rather than clutter up the forum with another thread if some kind soul could point me towards it. - many thanks!
  7. Hi - I've been watching your beginners videos on Youtube! Very useful, thanks for uploading them.
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like to say hello! Also new to silver. I've only got 1 coin in my collection, a Vienna Philharmonic and I am now completely hooked! Hoping to save a little each week and get involved in the group order I saw a post for at some point once I've spent a little more time learning and deciding what I want. I run my own business making dog treats and have no real savings so I'm looking to use silver as a way to do that. I also am constantly hearing/reading that silver is about 75% undervalued and is due a boom any time soon. (I also saw that people have been waiting for about 10 years for this boom to happen so I have realistic expectations that it's not happening overnight!) Anyway... hello! Hopefully I'll do more than post questions pleading for assistance and will soon be contributing back to the forums.
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