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  1. Not allowed to buy gold without all sorts of shenanigans. Why exchange the gold for dollars when you'd just already have the dollars. People stacked dollars there, Zimbabwe, not gold. I see what you're getting at, and possibly in the UK with the right (catastrophic) situation having gold would at least allow you to leave the country and take a substantial amount of wealth away discreetly in a compact way. But I just don't buy this idea that everyone will abruptly start directly accepting gold and (especially not silver) as payment for everyday things, let alone larger infrequent things like cars or houses etc.
  2. Perth Mint has a swan in their logo, I'm guessing it was a poor attempt at it or the forger was just told it was a large water bird and it didn't translate
  3. No one used gold in Zimbabwe for purchasing anything. They just used US dollar.
  4. It's a very tall swan.
  5. Also far too cheap for a 2016 1oz lion.
  6. I sold 5 of these non silver, which these almost certainly are, for 3.75 the other day. I'm not sure but don't think the dollar is silver either, I think it and the crowns would have a proof like finish if silver.
  7. That's why I said just stashing. Gold doesn't actually do anything, it doesn't generate anymore wealth or improve the economy. As you say though those that purchase it probably do also use their wealth in other ways too.
  8. I happen to agree with you someone who educates themselves, learns that country's language and moves to work is likely to be a boon to that country. However, I don't think this forum or any contribution to it matters (although always nice to see). In fact you could make the argument that someone, not necessarily an immigrant, who is buying gold and just stashing their wealth for only themselves, rather than using it to invest or generate more wealth is actually not contributing to the economy. Nothing worth it is easy, so well done for taking that challenge. Do you mind me asking what sort of industry do you work in? I only ask because I was actually considering moving to Germany and am curious what kinda work you do that made you think the UK is a better opportunity than Germany?
  9. Wait who is to say he is high skilled? He could just be here for our liberal attitude towards tax on gold.
  10. That's pretty bloody minded. Not sure about glorious, still others may agree with you. I'm certainly not dying over some shiny rocks.
  11. Ha! Ok when has armed rebellion against a government worked when you don't get help from the French. Added 0 minutes later... They are still for sale.
  12. I know it's just bravado, but against the government, when has this ever worked?
  13. Yeah but they are all just actors in a psyop so they would say that wouldn't they?!?!?!!!!
  14. Ignorance doesn't work with the Taxman, they'll just guess how much you owe, probably quite a lot.
  15. Which country are you moving to that has a government that doesn't care about "controlling" its people
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