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  1. Not allowed to buy gold without all sorts of shenanigans. Why exchange the gold for dollars when you'd just already have the dollars. People stacked dollars there, Zimbabwe, not gold. I see what you're getting at, and possibly in the UK with the right (catastrophic) situation having gold would at least allow you to leave the country and take a substantial amount of wealth away discreetly in a compact way. But I just don't buy this idea that everyone will abruptly start directly accepting gold and (especially not silver) as payment for everyday things, let alone larger infrequent things like cars or houses etc.
  2. Perth Mint has a swan in their logo, I'm guessing it was a poor attempt at it or the forger was just told it was a large water bird and it didn't translate
  3. No one used gold in Zimbabwe for purchasing anything. They just used US dollar.
  4. Also far too cheap for a 2016 1oz lion.
  5. I sold 5 of these non silver, which these almost certainly are, for 3.75 the other day. I'm not sure but don't think the dollar is silver either, I think it and the crowns would have a proof like finish if silver.
  6. The Edward 7th one is the first time I've paid significantly more for a crown than I would normally. I now seem to be collecting them, will look for more variety and quality now.
  7. Some recent world silver pick ups. The 5 Corona and Fünf Mark are crown sized coins, as well as a couple of crowns. The Thaler is not something I normally collect but I really liked the reverse design.
  8. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces5580.html Should give you some info if you've different dates. They are very common, except the high relief ones.
  9. I like that all the bars they are selling have the same serial numbers. The model silver ghost is nice though.
  10. No it's not worth 799. Despite the limited mintage, there's not the demand for Tristan da Cunha minted coins. I dare say sovereign collectors would not even consider this an actual sovereign as it's not minted by the UK. Also as an aside, the coin design in my opinion isn't great. There's no history or pedigree from that mint, which counts for a lot when it comes to collecting coins, indeed when collecting anything.
  11. Is it from the Royal Mint or a private one?
  12. Nope same. Sometimes it's in Australian dollars too! I've decided to think green means buy and red means hold off.
  13. Are you sure your technique is correct, and have you repeated it? If it's still coming out at 16.6 then I'd be concerned. That's 18ct with silver alloy. You may need to get them tested at a jewellers, they'll likely have an XRF or electronic tester.
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