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  1. That Kuggerand is 100% fake, and not a particularly good one. There are lots of details that are incorrect. You haven't made a mistake
  2. Poor animal husbandry standards and substandard meat. The loss of UK poultry jobs.
  3. What years do you need, I got a job lot for the larger coins, there's 1896 half crown if of interest?
  4. A 2010 perfect Panda from @DavePanda that completes a date run. A special mention to his service. Royal Mail didn't deliever to the correct address, despite the very clearly written address. Dave contacted RM and soon tracked it down, he is a true gent!
  5. I've a Peru 1 Sol coming too. I may be hooked.
  6. And I couldn't resist getting some sovereigns. I seem to be very good at buying just before the price of gold retracts!
  7. Traded in some boring bullion for some old proper money. With thanks to @ilovesilverireallydo @Peacemaker and @silverroller
  8. 18 previous disciplinary hearings all of which he was found to be in the wrong, several of them involving excessive force. Involved in 4 shootings 1 fatal. Thao was sued for excessive force. Had 6 complaints against him 1 still open. Why were these people allowed to be police officers? It's not the fact that a white police officer murdered a black man that is so outrageous. It's the fact that the system allows them to get away with it unless some one gets them on film. It's the fact that the police department's first reaction is to deny that the officer did wrong. It's my strong belief that had people not filmed the incident he wouldn't be facing a 3rd degree murder charge. It's not an isolated incident either. As to some people claiming it's the victims fault, there are many incidents where the victim did nothing wrong apart from being black. Look at the recent incidents where black people going about their day, bird watching or sitting in Starbucks, or simply being in a nice neighbourhood are accosted and harassed by white people and then the police. What did Sandra Bland do wrong? She drove to a new job, got pulled over had the audacity to talk back and winds up dead in a police cell in Texas. What about Breonna Taylor whom police killed whilst botching an unnecessary raid on her home firing over 40 rounds into her apartment without announcing they were police? Or Atatiana Jefferson shot by the police officer who was supposed to be doing a welfare check on her? I could go on but it's just too depressing.
  9. Unbelievable that people can still think like this. You're are saying black people are predisposed to crime or they are stupid and so drawn to crime. Just mind boggling.
  10. The table you show is misleading. Do it by percentage and the picture looks very different. Or perhaps go and look at the source for those tables and read all the notes the statisticians have taken great time to write. But you don't wanna do that, because then you have to have sympathy for black people.
  11. Christ sake. Instead of twisting the stats from the BJS, and giving some distorted graphics go and read the reports. BLACKS ARE NOT ATTACKING WHITES IN THE WAY THAT GRAPHIC MAKES OUT!
  12. What makes me doubt this pictures table is the way they obscure the source, almost like they don't want to give it because then someone may actually go and look it up. As I suspected this table distorts the actual statistics collected by the BJS, with poor visualisation to somehow suggest the idea that black people are commiting violent crimes against white people at a disproportionate rate. The table ignores the relative populations in America and shows a total number and not a percentage, ie there are far many more white people than black people, so naturally it follows there will be more crimes committed against white people, whereas in reality you're much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime by someone of your own racial group. cv18.pdf
  13. I've seen Jurassic Park many times doesn't make it accurate. If you could link the original source that'll be great.
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