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  1. Thanks for the research! Yes the makers mark is a mystery and this is only the second ever hallmark that I have not been able to find out exactly what it was. I buy and sell antique silver so get quite a lot of different hallmarks passing through. I might just have to sell it on and explain that I am not sure of the maker! Thanks again for the research.
  2. Thanks, but he was registered in Glasgow not Sheffield.
  3. Hi,I would appreciate any help on identifying the marker's mark on this silver spoon I found. The other hallmarks are for sterling silver, Sheffield and 1891, so Victorian in age.The maker' mark is the letters P . A Inside a rectangle.I have tried all the usual websites and books I use to find maker's mark but this time no luck!If you have any info please help!!Thanks,Coin Collector
  4. Really enjoyed meeting some fellow silver forum members and @Numistacker! Thanks for the sample slab.
  5. I am definitely able to come now, just booked my train. Should be there about 10:30-11:00.
  6. Thanks @ChrisSIlver The link to my channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt4f_KNdB_dFMUDO_dBE-gQ/featured
  7. Hello All, I am UK based coin collector and precious metals stacker. I created a YouTube channel called Coin Collector, and post regular content, about one year ago. Having heard the silver forum mentioned a lot in other youtubers videos I have finally decided to create an account and find out more about the site! Thanks for reading.
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