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  1. Encouraging couple of days, up from £10.80 to currently £12.37
  2. The dealers going quiet when they know a discount is available, shocking!
  3. If RM are going to do it, they should stick to the theme of national characters etc, given the coins they appear on. It's nice to get a surprise circulated Peter Rabbit 50p in your change for example, but keep those numbers small otherwise it's not special when you get one.
  4. That's twice that we haven't left now. Third times the charm, right?! 😆
  5. My parents, who have been life long Labour voters, had different views on Brexit. But both are equally disgusted with the way Labour, Libs etc are behaving in regards to leaving the EU. It will be interesting to see if other voters feel the same when the time comes to the GE!
  6. It must be nice to have such rich parents, in order for the kids to be able to bring countries to court.
  7. Why do they hate private schools? Can't control what the kids there are taught?
  8. Thank you very much for the responses sixgun and goldmember44! All the other hard currencies being linked to the dollar, which has no gold backing, would explain why their exchange rates are so close, no valuable metals in anything to make one any better than the others. Your last paragraph is a reminder of why I became interested in PMs. We all work too hard to want to see our savings lose their value. While I don't think anyone wants to see hyperinflation or deflation, anything is possible and it's a scary thought! Gold Sovereigns are looking ideal for my financial situat
  9. Hello TSF! I have a couple of questions that I am having difficulty finding answers to in my research. I was looking into the UK inflation rate of £1 and noticed that its buying power mostly remains flat from 1817 - 1917, steadily falling to 1969 and then begins to drop much quicker to the present day as the link below shows. Could this be linked in any way to the gold sovereign being slowly removed from circulation or to the world wars? The chart suggests that the world wars had little effect compared to what happens later from 1969! https://www.in2013dollars.com/uk/inflation/1
  10. Why does the back of the coin read 10 Mark rather than Euro?! Do they not think the Euro is going to last?!
  11. Thank you very much everyone!
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