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  1. I am interested in #99. How much in usd would that run including shipping? I am looking for a quality currency conversion app also if anyone uses one.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply! This information is very valuable to me and its much appreciated. I will keep stacking for sure. I do like the idea of just stacking some cash and waiting for a price drop or a great sale. The information I have been given has helped me tremendously. If you look at my current stack you can see how the education I've been receiving from members like you and others has helped educate and point me in the right direction. It was rather overwhelming at first. Tons if information, dealers and shady people peddling fake PMs. Thanks again!
  3. I plan on getting a few of those limited minted coins also. Im waiting on JW3P to show up on Xfinity any time now. 😆 I'll let you know what I think.
  4. Here is the other gold one! No price is scary 😆. Indeed I do! I hope you get some for your collection😊. I still need to see the last film...stupid adult life getting in the way of fun! https://www.apmex.com/product/191440/john-wick-1-oz-gold-proof-continental-coin-w-box-coa Okay there is a price now!
  5. They have an even more expensive version out there in gold! These are probably my all time favorite rounds ever made....until they make something else totally awesome!🤣
  6. Here you go! I am just to poor to buy gold 🤣. I love them so much! https://www.apmex.com/product/193803/john-wick-1-oz-gold-continental-coin
  7. I have been waiting what seems like forever for these to be released and shipped! They are all I ever hoped and wished for!
  8. As a newb in the stacking world I am deeply conflicted with the price fluctuations. On one hand I am excited to see spot prices rise so I can make a profit. On the other hand I just started stacking and want to buy so much more. I understand many stackers have purchased at a much higher spot and premium. $20 including premiums was my target cut off so I can use those funds for other investments. The conflict is real!
  9. I hate that little tease of possible silver! I just recently started coin roll hunting. So far no luck but it really is a lot of fun to hunt.
  10. I weighed it. 11.3 grams! I'm still keeping it for now. It has definitely been dipped in something though for it to shine and tarnish the way it did.
  11. I actually ended up doing just that, it almost looks like it was silver plated. Its an interesting piece, tossed into my treasure box for now.
  12. Thank you very much for the information! Ill slap that coin right back into the roll and return it to the bank! Much appreciated!
  13. Hello my fellow stackers! I have recently started going to my bank and buying rolls of coins in the quest for some constitutional silver. I came across this interesting looking 1984 Kennedy half dollar. The color around the edge doesn't seem to show any copper? It is also tarnished in a way I haven't seen on a minted coin before. Another thing that stood out is on the left lower part of the head there is a stamp with 1960 and to the right of the head its stamped 1980. It looks like this was done by an individual and not a mint. Has anyone come across something like this before?
  14. These are more of a guilty pleasure buy in the end. They are just neat, and the building board that you can get by ordering these straight from the mint. I am still trying to find my way into the PM stacking world and making a profit. Thank you for your valuable advice.
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