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  1. That was also something i considered, not bad having some fakes lying about to cut up and destroy just for educational purposes. With that said, i have 5 of these things, if someone wants one for research purposes il send you it for free if you cover postage costs.
  2. No problem! Ive bought from people on here a few times, ive also bought on eBay several times with no issues. I think theres a common misconception about everything on eBay being a scam but thats simply not true, all its takes is a bit of research and common sense. Ive got my money back already and i dont think il need to send the coins back, so i scored 5 free coin capsules and some fake coins. Im considering doing it again as ive since found another chinese seller flogging cheap eagles...
  3. Hi everyone, not been on here in a while. Not really had money to buy PM's so i dont like looking at deals i cant get involved with =P I was curious to see how much a 10oz QB Unicorn was selling for now as id quite like another one at some point. I used eBay as a quick price reference and managed to stumble across 1oz ASE's for £4.75 each including postage. Now obviously it screams fake and you would think no one in their right mind would buy these. However, the seller had sold around 60 of them and only appeared to have 5 left. Knowing i have real eagles to take reference from and knowing eBay would refund my money if i prove these to be fake i decided to take the last 5 off the market. Unfortunately the seller listed another 5 after i bought mines, it seems he kept it at "Only 5 remaining" to increase the FOMO, and it was working... Anyway, my coins arrived on Tuesday... Even in the plastic coin capsules they arrived in, they were extremely magnetic. The weight was wrong and they dont ring clear when struck like pure silver does. When you compare a real eagle with the counterfeit it was painfully obvious how fake it was but with that being said, if you dont already have real eagles or real silver in general, these could maybe fool you. I contacted eBay immediately using their live chat system and informed the representative of what was going on. I advised it would be a good idea to track down the other buyers and inform them, whether they done that or not is beyond my control. The sellers page has since been removed although the last i seen he had managed to sell 300 of these fake eagles. By the time my order arrived bad feedback had already started to appear on his page about the coins being fake. I know this is a long winded post about something that is extremely obvious to people on here, but it would appear that there are people out there willing to buy these things, and most likely they will end up using this forum as i did when i first started researching PM's, so the coins could end up on here at some point... Keep your eyes peeled! Ive included pictures, fake eagles are on the right, real eagles on the left!
  4. Yeah il post up my findings. I only committed to it because i have real silver eagles that i can take reference from, ive got scales, vernier calipers and a neodymium magnet so i should be able to determine if they are counterfeit. Il possibly contact the police aswell as its not just fake silver, its counterfeit money, which is highly illegal...
  5. Indeed ^^ The seller also keeps changing availability to *only 5 left* to increase the FOMO aswell. Its a shame because there will be people out there who think they have just bought some super low price silver eagles. Most likely just getting into precious metals and got stung by fakes on their first purchase...
  6. Not gold, but right now on eBay theres a seller offloading 2020 ASE's for £4.75 a piece, which is waaay under scrap value. Seller claims to be based in London however postage takes roughly 2 weeks. So i assume its comming from China. Ive bought a few to determine if theyre fake (which they most likely are) Im not bothered because i know il get a refund from eBay, i want to prove they are fake and have them taken off the site because unfortunately they appear to have sold quite a few. As people have said, no one in their right mind would sell for less than scrap value, unless your trying to offload it fast. So i would maybe expect £25-50 under value for gold and £1-2 under value for silver. Anything more than that is a massive red flag in my opinion.
  7. Bump! Will accept £175 posted SD in the UK if anyones interested Works out £17.50 an ounce for a big silver frisbee, you know you want to...
  8. Will listen to sensible offers on this, listing it on ebay this weekend too 👍
  9. Hi everyone, Unfortunately need to free up some funds just now so looking to offload my silver 2019 10oz valiant. Comes in the capsule, untouched and in pretty much perfect condition, sold as bullion £190 posted SD anywhere in the UK
  10. By using a penny i just meant an old small coin, i dont collect old coins so i dont really know what ones are what.... But thanks for correcting me 👍
  11. Brian May uses a penny as a guitar pick hence why the Royal Mint probably let him do his own coin. He still uses them to this day, he just goes to the mint and buys up all the sixpences 👍
  12. Welcome to the forum 😎
  13. Bitcoin, but with that being said, if Bitcoin still had value PM would still have value too as we need PM to build the computers that mine the Bitcoin..
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