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  1. Duane


    Swanky,there's 90 pre 1947 half crowns for sale in one lot on ebay.
  2. Duane

    2013 1oz silver maple

    Very interesting,thank you.
  3. Duane

    2013 1oz silver maple

    A few to go yet,lol.
  4. Duane

    2013 1oz silver maple

    Hi TonyS, Thanks for the offer but I recently bought some maples without knowing the dates beforehand and it turned out that 50 of them were 2013. After checking the going rates for the different dates I got,I was surprised and puzzled by the high premiums of the 2013. Hence the question.
  5. Duane

    2013 1oz silver maple

    I know that bullion by post are usually one of the most expensive but the fact that Chards,who are usually much more keen on price,are also selling them at a very high premium is puzzling.
  6. Duane

    2013 1oz silver maple

    That seems more like the price I would have expected but they do seem to carry a higher premium in the UK.
  7. Duane

    2013 1oz silver maple

    That's what I thought but bullion by post are awaiting stock at £38.40 per coin (quite a bit higher than similar dates) and Chards have them in stock at £34.60. Just thought I was missing something.
  8. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why the 2013 1oz silver maple seems to command such a high premium at bullion dealers? Tia.
  9. Where are you buying the nitric acid? Wherever I look it seems I'd need a license.
  10. Thanks very much Mcgough95,that seems a lot easier than I'd thought. I'm definitely going to have a go. Happy days.
  11. Hi all, I'm pretty new to stacking silver but have thought about refining scrap as a way of creating my own bars to stack. Can I ask,what sort of costs are involved in refining and how much below spot would the scrap have to be for refining to be a viable option. Thanks in advance.
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