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  1. Looks like a cheesy Olympics souvenir.
  2. With the crazy premiums on gov bullion right now, I would just stack 10oz bars and generics. When/if the premium drops, then Brits, Phils, ASEs, Maples.
  3. Wow, they look amazing... They really upped the game compared to the QAR. The artwork is so much better!
  4. Yikes, they must have sold a ton really quickly. I was honestly pleasantly surprised at the $25-26 pricing at the start. Didn't last long at all though. I was happy to pick some 1oz and 5oz up. They also limited purchases to 100 which I thought was pretty cool, but honestly it's not going to stop the hardcore flippers.
  5. I have a bad bad feeling that flippers/dealers are going to buy up thousands of the coins. I wish there was a way to keep prices low and yet not let flippers grab them by the case.
  6. If they did it would really hurt the popularity of the series. People are already POed about the 5oz and vowed to stop collecting the series. With the great artwork of the next one, maybe they'll change their minds, but I really really hope they price it fairly.
  7. As of early Feb, they said it was at least a month away, so Im thinking mid March at the earliest.
  8. Is this mintage to demand? I've looked around and can't find any mintage numbers.
  9. Looks like it sold out really quickly regardless.
  10. If you can get the Niue Stormtroopers or early Darth Vader for cheap, I think they'll be worth it long haul. I've gotten them a few times for under $20.
  11. I talked to the guy at Apmex and he said it would be probably at least a month.
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