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  1. French Ag - Sold American Ag Sold Belgian - remaining.
  2. What you see is what you get! Price are in Euro. P&P depends on location. Tracked only. European Union only (including UK). Prices Lot USA: €80 Lot Belgium: €92 Lot France: €85 If you have any questions, do ask. Details: ******** Lot USA 121,44 g x 0,67 (29/7) = €81,36 1 x Dollar "Morgan Dollar" 1890 - 26.73 g 1 x Dollar Seoul Olympiad 1988 - 26.73 g 3 x ½ Dollar "Kennedy Half Dollar" - 11.5 g 9 x ¼ Dollar "Washington Silver Quarter" - 6.25 g 1 x Roosevelt Dime - 2,5 g 90% zilver. Kennedy: 2 x 40%, 1 x 90% (1964) ***** Belgium 147,26 g 147,26 x 0,67 (27/7) = €98,66 100 Fr 1949VL 1948VL 1851VL 50 Fr 1960 x 5 20 fr 1934 x 3 50 Fr 1951FR 1951VL 20 Fr 1949 *** France - Turin / Semeuse 1 x Turin 20 Fr : 20 g 2 x Turin 10: 10 g 2 x Semeuse 5 Fr: 12 g 20 x Semeuse 1 Fr: 5 g 5 x Semeuse 0.5 Fr: 2,5 g Semeuse: 0,835 Turin: 0,68 141,17 g Ag Price: (27/7): €94,58 *** Added 0 minutes later...
  3. The French have the silver Hercule 50 (1974 -1980) Francs (30g. 90% Ag) and you have also the 5 and 10 Francs Hercule who go way back. Beautiful coins with a long history. I think you can say that they see the Hercule 50 Francs as their Maple Leaf & Philharmonic.
  4. The Anglo Saxon law system is very different from the European mainland. A cop is seen as a "member of the public" in the UK & USA. "Above the public" in the EU. You do not need to show ID & identify because they are just asking it. You can insult cops without getting charged. Look up "first amendment audit" on YT in the Uk & USA. Don't try this in EU Europe... Example UK versus citizins
  5. Every company needs to have a VAT (BTW & TVA) number. I'm not saying you are wrong, just that it doesn't mean the HQ is the Belgian address.
  6. HQ is in Germany, this is just a PO Box address in Belgium. https://goldsilver.be/en/content/4-a-propos
  7. It's a German company, as far as I know. Don't they shipl straight from Germany, in many cases?
  8. The Royal Belgian Mint doesn't strike coins anymore. Not that I care. King this, Queen that. Royalty on coins doesn't appeal to me. And since I am on the continent... Philharmoniker. What a lovely design. I also like the Libertad coins but that is a just for a few. Philharmoniker is a much better choice when one is in Europe. Belgian Mint to stop making coins from November 2017 https://www.thebulletin.be/belgian-mint-stop-making-coins-november
  9. It has been sold in the past but they don't offer any explanation why they made that coin. I'm still a bit puzzled what it is about. Maybe a Norwegian can explain it since this seem to be from Norway. And.... Eurotic...the Kingdom of Norway is not a member state of the European Union...
  10. Thank you very much. Scarce indeed.
  11. Well, it's a first for me. Visited a chap nearby who had constitutional silver for sale and offered some other coins. This was one of them. But I rarely buy something like that. I stick to constitutional silver.
  12. Yes, I assumed it would be a commemorative coin of some kind. It's just very weird that nothing can be found on it.
  13. Bought this because I liked the design. Couldn't find anything on it, or maybe didn't look in the right place. Anybody knows what kind of coin this is? It is silver, no doubt about that. Dia: 30,2 mm Weight: 9,95 g Thanks!
  14. You can report to Ebay, Amazon or whatever. They don't care and certainly not for a few dollars. Same goes for gold.
  15. Well, you just look up all shops in Belgium and compare the prices (postage included if not near you) and order. 1 Maple Leaf, ASE or Philharmoniker = the same everywhere. The state of the coin might be an issue, if 'used'. If you are really talking about a decent sum... Why not order them straight from the mint? So you can be sure they are real and in excellent state. Buy something European which is easier to exchange later. The American Silver Eagle, Mexican Libertad are good for in America, not so much in Europe. The Philharmoniker straight from the Austrian mint: https://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng
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