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  1. Supposed to? What does that mean?
  2. I am not ready to sell anything. But I am not doing much buying either over the last couple of months. I'm not convinced yet this is anything other than a blip.
  3. The nightmare of every owner of a true rare coin - ‘which contains five times the number of coins bearing the head of William the Conqueror than currently known to exist in total,’
  4. It’s a weird feeling to win an auction. Knowing you were willing to pay more for an item than anyone else on the planet. Not sure if I should actually be happy.
  5. Hard to know what is going on in the video with no details provided. It appears they are trying to say a magnetic metal is testing good for pure gold. That is interesting as the sigma basically ignores any magnetic metal by returning to the calibration stage. Without any explanation by the creator of that video, we have no idea if the sigma is calibrated or being used correctly. It may be, I just don’t know. Could be a parlor trick. Would be nice if they provided some details. Maybe counterfeiters have gotten out in front of these already.
  6. Life in America is not what is seen on TV. It’s not like there are hoards of people walking around carrying guns. I live in a state where there are no restrictions on carrying a firearm. No license, no permit required. I can’t recall the last time I saw someone carrying a gun in public. There was another shooting last night in Ohio. That shooter was killed by police less than one minute after he started. He still killed 9 people and injured many more. it is sad and disgusting that this continues to happen. I wish I had the answers. I don’t.
  7. I found this forum while searching for Sovereign information. I have fallen in love with the coin. I have primarily put all my money into American Gold Eagles. But Sovereigns allow me to scratch my collectors itch at bullion prices with their great history and different designs. I can spot a fake AGE a block away. I’ve handled hundreds of them. But I don’t have the same experience with sovereigns. I bought a dozen from JMB so I don’t doubt their authenticity. I’m curious how much variation there is in weight and diameter. How far away from a diameter of 22.05mm and a weight of 7.988 is acceptable? I have a pair from the 80’s that measure: 21.93mm and 7.982g 21.94mm and 7.981g Thickness is a little trickier. 1.5 and 1.51mm. I wouldn’t expect newer coins that haven’t seen circulation to be undersized. But like I said, I just don’t have experience with these.
  8. 10 years ago I’m sitting in a cigar shop trying to enjoy myself. A friend is there talking my ear off with some nonsense about fake digital money. Bitcoin. What the heck are you talking about? He goes on and on explaining it to me and how it is the future. He wanted me to give him some money so he could buy more computing power and we’d split up the bitcoin he mined. I laughed. He made several hundred thousand dollars. i can’t even look at him now.
  9. The cost to manuf a 1g bar is basically the same as it is for a 100g or a 1000g bar. Whether it is worth it or not, really depends on why you are buying them. If investing, you probably should avoid these micro weights. The price of silver will have to make a big move for you to recover those premiums. If buying them because you like them and want to enjoy them without worrying about selling, it doesn't matter that much.
  10. I can’t seem to find the buy it now button.
  11. I’m not so sure that silver is under valued as much as I think gold is over valued.
  12. Thank you for the detailed response. You convinced me.
  13. I’m curious why no PayPal option for premium membership? I’d like to support the forum but am uncomfortable with giving card details here not knowing how or where they are stored. I’d do an annual silver plan if it could be sorted.
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