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  1. @DarkChameleon Agreed. Hyperinflation would be disastrous in the U.S. at this particular time combined with Covid19. Hoarding shopping and fuel etc, when people should be distancing, combined with the existing social unrest. The most vulnerable elderly would also see their life savings become worthless.😩
  2. Wait...... you haven’t received yours yet??
  3. Maneco64 is very good. In his latest vid he recommends a book - “What has government done to our money?” By Murray N. Rothbard . Very important book written in the 1960s but still very relevant
  4. Not something I would normally buy, but got a good price and it’s a great story. 48 tonnes of silver, one of the deepest, largest wreck recovery in history. About 20,000 mintage, wish it was a 1oz brit.
  5. @Numistacker thanks for the interesting video. It would be great to have an actual podcast based on The hobby in the Uk, even if just monthly. I listen to several USA based podcasts, and feel that with your knowledge and contacts you could rival any of them. 👍
  6. I am really interested to know how different countries have different attitudes towards stacking / investing in physical precious metals, and how common or normal it is around the world. In the UK I guess we are seen by most of the population as a bit “quirky” and a niche group. (Although I suppose most people don’t even know it is a “thing”). To my eyes in the USA it seems a bit more mainstream, but I might be wrong. Fascinated to know peoples experiences internationally.
  7. Dragonnumis


    Beutiful collection, and Stone Roses to listen to as well. Doesn’t get much better than that 👍
  8. @JonCL well done. I have a couple of Roos, but the full set looks amazing. 👍
  9. Stunning, top of my wishlist coin 😍
  10. Well done to you for doing this. It’s so frustrating that people on ebay get away with this type of thing. Will you post an update on the outcome ? 👍
  11. @terakris great coin. I’ve always been interested but wary of ancients, after seeing yours I might have to take the plunge 👍 Thanks to @BleyerBullion for latest arrival.
  12. For me it all started with this coin- sometime around 2001 I found this in my change, years before the current 50p popular collecting, didnt realise that the designs of coins even changed at that time. This chance find has lead me to be a collector, stacker, become interested in history, the precious metals market, markets in general, the refining and mining industry. To find out about other countries and encouraged me to travel. Introduced me to interesting people and ideas ( including on here). Helped me appreciate the value of things and become non- wasteful, and countless other benefits.
  13. Unlikely to be adopted with Trump still in power🤣
  14. Thanks for interesting thread @ilovesilverireallydo .I like how these are put out to view in the US. Not sure if the RM have ever done that over here. It would be great for US collectors if the design was changed annually (kookaburra style) with such diverse designs. This is my pick, think the proof would look particularly good.
  15. Today’s additions to the “year of covid collection”. Particularly like the Swan - almost proof-like finish.
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