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  1. @Shep love this line 🤩 and agree with your general post. @TheCoinCabinet yes after all we are involved in the “hobby of kings” 😉
  2. @Foster88 I noticed these too on bay. The worrying thing is that the seller has over 2.5 thousand 100% feedback 😩 so imagine how many of these are about.
  3. @nee4891 I bet at some point it will be the classic seated britannia reverse. I think the engraver is Leonard Charles Wyon?
  4. @AppleZippoandMetronome yeah I think that makes a lot of sense. Collectors will have to become even more selective if their motive is to eventually turn a profit. There will inevitably be less volume of new releases. (Could make 2020 a key date as has been mentioned before on the forum). Good point about the Mint. I had thought about that as I live quite local to it. It is obviously important to the local economy as well as all its support services🤔
  5. Yep I pretty much agree although recent auction premiums, for example sovereign sales on the coin cabinet online auction would suggest people might? But My concern is that this may tail off to some extent if the covid effect is severe🤔
  6. @sixgun I completely agree here. I also consider myself 50/50 numis and stacker. I have sepparate foundation of bullion sovs and also graded sovs. For this discussion I would be more concerned about the future value of my graded (more numis) sovs. Maybe if I could have foreseen the pandemic (and upcoming recession) I would have focussed more on bullion holdings.
  7. Lol scamdemic @sixgun are you purely stacker or do you see any value in numismatic perspective?
  8. @Kman some might see numismatics as frivolous at this time. Thats my worry
  9. There has been much discussion on the forum about the reaction of the pm market to the current situation and gold and silver price. I wonder about the pandemic’s effect on the more numismatic / collecting hobby side for the future. Will it mean prices are pushed down because of recession worries? Will it lower general interest because of more pressing priorities for people? Will it hasten the end of the use of coinage in society? 🙄 Am I overthinking and will it have no effect?
  10. @Wannapop^^This has is right. Coins of this era vary greatly in price depending on grade. Collectors of coins of this period tend to be quite discerning and it takes experience to be able to decide the grade of coins you may find. If you are just after silver weight then research the silver content and weight of different coins eg. Crowns and florins and try and look for bulk buy deals that can be fruitful. 👍
  11. Very handsome piece. Definitely on the wish list.😍
  12. Hi @BedMac welcome to the forum and I use BullionByPost app. Very user friendly 👍
  13. @GoldElliott So its part of a set called “2012 britannia designs 9 x £1 proof anniversary silver collection” There is a set on ebay for £399 (not mine) 👍
  14. @GoldElliott it says “mistress of the sea” and is dated 2012. I think it was from part of a set of past designs if I remember correctly.
  15. @GoldElliott I have a half ounce silver brit with the same design. It also has a similar shiny proof obverse and a very matte britannia head reverse. Ive wondered about this occasionally. It would be great if anyone knows anything about if this is unique to this particular design?
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