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  1. Based on a) lack of any “news” that would have caused a market drop and b) timing (Friday near the end of a fiscal quarter) I think the drop was caused by institutional investors locking in profits. Works great for me as I buy a set amount each month, always looking to buy on the dip and this gives me all weekend to make my selection.
  2. gpframe

    When to sell?

    I’m continuing to buy and hold to dollar cost average while silver hopefully continues to climb. When/if silver goes above $30 I will sell 1/4 of my stack each month until it’s gone or silver falls below $30. This locks in my gain but leaves me room if it continues to run (and something pretty to look at!). If the GSR drops below 50 due to gold declining I will aggressively move at least half my silver stack to gold. Thats me, you do you.
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