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  1. I picked up both Germania mint oak leafs. NGC....that PF69 hurts though.
  2. $4k is a ludacris sum for a modern coin. I understand that high of a premium on a MS65 5 pound Victoria sovereign but not a gold round.
  3. I was initially excited about the Germania series. Then I saw how amateurish their entire operation is, and how they can't meet deadlines. In July/August I was ready to drop a couple thousand on their gold oak leaf. Then it slowly set in that it's not even a coin, it's a round. Then I started thinking "the only reason these are expensive is they have to have 500% premiums to keep this amature mint alive with distributions of 100 rounds. When the Mexican mint has a low mintage it's because they are trying to make a limited edition. When germania mint makes a low mintage its because they only HAD so much gold or silver. In 10 years they will be a footnote in some stacker guide.
  4. I feel like the burlap imprint on this one made it irresistible. It's decades of sitting in a burlap bag preserved like an echo in time. This adds history to the coin and when light glints off the burlap tone it's beautiful.
  5. I picked this one up on an ebay auction a few weeks ago. I got it for $350 which I talked the seller down from $400. There is clear burlap bag toning in front of the nose. Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later...
  6. Normally I would agree with MetalMandible but this one was too perfectly toned. It looks like he belongs in the Northern lights collection with the greens, blues, and purples. The back of the coin is blast white.
  7. The label is just reflecting the light. The PCGS price guide of $75 is just the value of an 1884 O MS64. Toned coins go for much more and the asking price was $1750 but I haggled them to $1550.
  8. Yeah the people who initially had it graded apparently didn't spring for the picture. I got it from ebay.
  9. Its so symmetrical! Looks awesome man!
  10. This is a PCGS MS64 1884-O I just bought that's beautifully toned. I call it "Neon Alien". It has a beautiful textile texture on the cheek from the burlap bag.
  11. The Germania mint has released a number of rounds with low mintages in 2019. The premiums are VERY high. Their gold 1oz proof coin sells for $4k on APMEX. The silver rounds carry heavy premiums with one of their 5oz silver rounds going for $500. They also sell a 2oz silver round for about $375. What do you guys think? Is it overrated or worth it in the long run for the collectors resell value? Does it bother anyone they are pretending to be a coin with denominations of "marks" on their rounds?
  12. The current value was decided by APMEX. I just found it curious they placed the value higher for a raw coin than a graded version of it.
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