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  1. I tend to agree. The spot price can increase by 50% and one can buy AE cheaper than what they are being sold now. This assumes the premium will drop to the normal $2.50 over spot, which I think it will in a couple of months.
  2. You can always look on the company's web site for their buy back price. However, that is the buy back price at the current point in time. I have never seen a buy back guarantee for a specific price, unless it is some type of marketing ploy that is not worth c**p. If you are afraid of loosing money when it comes time to sell, then think twice about buying; this applies to anything. There are no guarantees in life except for death and taxes.
  3. erv


    I was planning to place an order with BGASC today, payday. I too noticed they were not accepting orders. Went with another dealer. At various dealers I noticed the premiums are a tad higher and the selection is less.
  4. IMHO the whole point of stacking is to be out of the system in case the system fails. I feel paper contracts can become as useless as fiat. I do trade in some paper, but that is just for the short term. My physical holdings are for the long term.
  5. When using a hidey hole, consider what will happen in a fire, wind storm, flood. If it is low premium stuff, fire and water should not affect it much. Wind/tornado/hurricane can cause the valuables to disappear from their hidey hole. Best to have it stored in something fireproof bolted to the floor or buried under it.
  6. IMHO, I would buy a little now and a little more in another month as I add to my stack. If my gold stack was of sufficient size, I would buy silver as the gold to silver ratio is high.
  7. You can't eat bits and bytes either. You can eat paper; but, there is no nutritional value in that.
  8. https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts is a great site to find past auction prices. The recent auctions prices for the 1881-S MS63 are between $40 and $50.
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