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  1. 1844 half sovereign, listed as Rare in Marsh. Good very fine, reverse good extremely fine, with light scratch in obverse field, wonderful lustre. Rarely seen in this grade. £320 posted. BT only. Thank you for looking!
  2. I have some nice sovereigns I would be willing to trade one or two if your ratio is right
  3. Hi there! I have some lovely proof-70 half sovereigns available. Let me know what you think! 1983 PCGS PR70DCAM Half Sovereign - £250 1993 PCGS PR70DCAM Half Sovereign - £250 1999 PCGS PR70DCAM Half Sovereign - £250 2003 NGC PF70UCAM Half Sovereign - £230 2004 NGC PF70UCAM Half Sovereign - £230 2006 PCGS PR70DCAM Half Sovereign - £230 2010 PCGS PR70DCAM Half Sovereign - SOLD £1380 for the lot! Sensible offers always considered. (Special Delivery is included)
  4. I have several proof halves, all PCGS/NGC 70s
  5. This is one of the coins where price is exponential relating to grade. The edge knocks and slight wear on this specimen unfortunately take it way down from the £180 you saw to around £15-25. I would offer you £10 for it
  6. I have a few of these if you are still looking. Apologies! I misread this as silver!
  7. I can include a hard quadrum capsule at cost price if you would like. This is most people’s preference when buying as a gift
  8. Hello! I have 4! Prices do not include postage. There is uneven light making the outer two appear darker, this is not the case. Callum
  9. Hello! I have a wonderful 1901 coin: a half crown graded mint state 61 by NGC for £100 plus postage. Please bother me with any questions you have about anything, even if the coin is not a fit! Callum Here is a picture I took before it was sent to NGC:
  10. 5g PAMP bar is £170 posted
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