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  1. cncooke

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Two Australian Victorian Sovereigns

    Two stunning Victorian sovs. 1884M and 1887S. £355 posted each. Priced to sell! 🙂 £700 for both posted! 🙂 BT or PayPal F&F please. Always special delivery. They’ll go quick at this price! (Hopefully lol)
  2. A stunning 1931-SA sovereign. £385 posted!
  3. A stunning choice mint state 1931 South Africa sovereign. £385 posted.
  4. An extremely fine 1906-P Australian sovereign. £375 posted.
  5. 3,300g of genuine UK coins containing 50% silver. £950 posted. 5% under spot. You won’t find cheaper silver!
  6. 3,300g or 0.500 UK coinage. Grades Fair to VF. Price is spot plus postage. BT preferred.
  7. 2018 oriental border Britannias. In great capsules. £25 each posted. BT or f&f PayPal.
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