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  1. Got a 2oz then tried to get another on different account and the payment wouldn’t work. Checked the main page again and it was sold out. Annoying.
  2. I have for sale 10 x 1oz silver two dragon coins in capsules. Mint condition as they came direct from mint in capsules. £32 each. Plus cost of shipping. All 10 £315. Plus cost of shipping. Thanks for looking.
  3. I have for sale an Albert 2019 celebration sovereign. Mint condition. I will upload pictures later when I’m home from work. In the mean time I have added a RM picture. £620. Plus cost of shipping Thanks for looking
  4. I have 10 greyhound beast for sale. £52 each or £510 for the tube. Bullion condition. Shipping cost is extra.
  5. I have for sale 6 x James Bond No Time To Die 1oz bars. Sold out everywhere. These particular ones are in original mint sealed packaging (OMP). £34 each (plus cost of shipping on top).
  6. I have for sale 4 x half sovs. 3 are George V and 1 is Edward VII. Coins are in bullion condition. Capsules included if required. £170 each (plus cost of shipping on top). If all bought together £675 (plus cost of shipping on top) Thanks for looking.
  7. I’ll PM you with a price soon.
  8. The QB series runs from 2017 to now. https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/queensbeasts/
  9. I have for sale the following: 2 x Lion of England in capsule - excellent condition. £70 each. SOLD pending payment. 3 x Falcon - one has light milking. £60 each, the one with milking £50. 1 x Falcon SOLD. 7 x Yale - 2 of which have light milking. £55 each, the ones with milking £49. SOLD pending payment. 1 x Dragon. £70. SOLD pending payment 1 x Bull. £60. SOLD. 1 x White horse. £60. STILL AVAILABLE. A couple of them have light scratches on the queens cheek. All are excluding shipping. Thanks for looking.
  10. Nobody want? 🤭 sensible offers may be accepted.
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