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  1. Anyone wonder if the uk could make having gold illegal and confiscate it if a big rest happens like they did in the USA?
  2. Hi all As the title suggests - hit me up with prices. Cash waiting. I’ll pay postage on top so i need all from one sale! Best deal sells!! Cheers Neil
  3. I have a 1oz falcon in capsules in excellent mint condition.
  4. Keep hold of BTC - its an emotional rollercoaster but its predicted to hit extreme highs.
  5. Watch Mike Maloney’s videos on the hidden secrets of money he explains these cycles and how best to prepare using gold and silver! He explains these cycles have occurred throughout time and it happens over and over due to printing money and hyperinflation etc. They’re predictable if you look close enough.
  6. Sold. Added 0 minutes later... Leave feedback please 👌🏼
  7. For sale. 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Vic. Matt BU. Very rare now. Also graded to MS70. Shipping costs extra. Shipping from UK. Comes with original box, certificate and original packaging £1200.
  8. For sale. Matt BU 2020 King George III Privy graded by NGC MS70. Shipping from UK. Comes with original box and certificate etc. £500 (shipping of choice extra).
  9. Hi all REDUCED I have 10 x 1 oz Silver Welsh Two Dragon Coins For Sale. I actually have a tube of these but for now only selling 10. These are selling online for around £32 each. I would rather sell as a lot however see below for deals. Deal 1 - individual coins = £29 each with added cost of shipping. Deal 2 - 5 x two dragon coin = £140 (£28 each) with added shipping cost Deal 3 - 10 x two dragon coin = £270 (£27 each) with added cost of shipping. All bullion condition however they are in excellent condition. Come with capsules. Thanks for looking.
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