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  1. Hi Lee, are you the person I've been messaging on eBay regarding the queens beasts sets etc? If so great and maybe we can message better on here than eBay watching out for the commission deals!! Let me know if it's you? Cheers Ashley
  2. Thanks all. I'm trying to find "Lee" as I'm hoping to do a deal on some queens beast coins etc. I'll have a deeper look on here to try and find unless anyone can advise on a short cut? Cheers in anticipation. Thanks all. I'll also message Mr backyard bullion about European mint when I get a chance. All work and not enough play. Sorry. Cheers Ashley
  3. Hi all. Ashley here aka HerbertDTurbot. I believe an introduction is recommended to get me involved in the advise, info and hopefully a few good deals. So cheers and hi everybody.
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