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  1. Best to buy coins, as margins are smaller. As you are in Ireland you will be ok for a few types of coins. UK sovereigns, Britannias, Canadian Maples, Austrian Philharmonics, American eagles and bufalo (edit) plus krugerrand. There are a few Irish guys on the forum so ask them what is best to sell in Ireland and whether is is better to sell on the Forum in the UK or maybe Europe? I know for a fact American tourists sell gold in Dublin/ Belfast. There is a Irish bargin right now if you look on the forum gold deals. https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/proclamation-of-the-irish-republic-50-gold-proof-coin-2016.html
  2. I'm sure most of you guys have long term investments and mid term investments?
  3. Chlorinated chicken well what did everyone expect. What people voted for was lower prices! I only problem i have is, is with origin labling. If the USA are proud of their products/ produce then they should have USA on the package or are they ashamed of what they are selling!!! Origin of produce labling should stay!
  4. So they make there money on the spread! So clients are encouraged to trade then!!
  5. It's a well known fact that over trading results in loses. If you guys want to be a trader then fine become a trader, it's not easy most people lose money though they tell everyone they make money. How many on here were shorting stocks/ markets 12 months ago? I know of some who were and must of made a bit! Myself I do not have any shorts on atm I believe we are in a short term bull for a few months untill August- November time. So I may look again in mid July but not before, if I miss that's my choice I have not lost and I will have a tank for investment again ready!
  6. reading this thread i am of the view some of you guys buy and sell far to quickly. Fees soon add up.
  7. Pipers

    HGM 2oz nuggets

    HGM 2oz Nuggets, Does anyone know which nuggets they are, i got in to late (after 4pm) to give them a call.
  8. Pipers

    Geiger 10oz

    No, which type of Geiger bar is it? Over the years Geiger have produced a few different types from the Square (blog) to the very nice rectangle finished sort after. I have quite a few of the older Geiger bars that are sealed they didn't come in a case. The new square ones do. You may be able to get a case if you make an order from Geiger they are back in production.
  9. It makes sense to me,. The old woman dies and the rest of her offspring want to sell everything and get as much cash as possible because they are programmed to think cash is worth more than gold or antiques etc,. One just has to ask why then do the rich have Gold antiques etc. If it was me I would hold of maybe if I had to split with family I would go to a bullion dealer for the best price and with my cut buy gold Do a deal.
  10. A while ago i had a few bad years with health and i had to sell some assets. A couple of the guys on here gave me some very good advise and tips. Mr Money Mustache was one of the web sites i was also steered towards me and the wife being minimalists. I save about £8000 a year being a minimalist which is invested, My life is far better now too, i have lots more time with my family etc. I suggest others look into it. Remember if something breaks you can get another one within 2 days anyway! edit, I have a new business that suits me, iearn less, i drive an old car etc but my life is better.
  11. Didn't mean to piss you off and i apoligise for upsetting you . Its true the UK is a different market to the USA. I certainly do not believe i know everything. I do not or do i think you know nothing or are stupid. As you say you have 50 years of buying coins under your belt thats a lot of experience.
  12. Also guys if you do not live in the UK you could also pay for delivery eg find the costs of delivery including insurance for yourselves and contact the seller, thats what i used to do when i bought items from the USA about 15 years ago when the £ was strong .
  13. I agree, In my experience Auctions can be expensive and apart from the the top quality ones they are riddiled with fakes.
  14. I always look at Arshis ads, he is good to do business with.
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