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  1. Thanks for the answer, I agree with large parts of your answer which is very good I agree with you about Australia the small amount of knowledge I have doesn't ring right with what he states. As far as the USA goes we in the UK never get told about the hard up whites in the USA are except maybe the run up to the elections every 4-5 years. I have never lived in the USA so I cannot comment about racism in the USA. I have posted YouTube video about the white farmers in South Africa that shocked me at first, because we in the UK are told about animals in SA dying but not humans! To me Fascism is Authoritarian we can agree on that. Usually with a strong figure head, The money goes ino the large infrastructure spending through corporations/ large Business. A very large part of the Fascism model is National pride eg what one can do for ones country etc. Unions are illegal under Fascism. Violence tends to increase, people who are not useful are got rid of,. eg out of society or left to die. I would say the hard right gets votes from the desporate and forgotten, people who have been left behind will vote for someone who listen s to them!
  2. Yeah she did, she is a nasty piece, however my post above was about the white farmers being attacked in S.A and the film she put together. Here on the silverforum.com people should be aware of what is happening in P M countries especially the major players.
  3. Katie Hopkins made this very good documentory about White Farmers in South Africa. It's shocking to watch and shameful that the BBC and ITV are more interested in big game being killed than farmers.
  4. I was taught in school about Fascism the the Nazi party and the Italians. I have many times warned about Fascism on this forum, about how it can creep into a country. Any way I have come across this podcast it's very good I recommend listening to it it's worth the effort. https://www.buzzsprout.com/451003/4142084
  5. I would say if HS2 gets cancelled then the Greater Manchester House prices will fall so will the Leeds etc. As for now I beleive the Gov are trying to devalue the £ to keep the House price stable. Anyone who goes shopping can see sterling is devaluing again.
  6. I have the original sigma with all the wands plus the bullion wand, as I have with 10 Oz , plus kg bars any coins the bullion wand is needed. I have found the sigma great with gold not as good with silver. Silver it will get you nearly there you will still need dimensions of the coins bars.
  7. Some on here have been getting very stessed so here is something to calm you down.
  8. Best to buy coins, as margins are smaller. As you are in Ireland you will be ok for a few types of coins. UK sovereigns, Britannias, Canadian Maples, Austrian Philharmonics, American eagles and bufalo (edit) plus krugerrand. There are a few Irish guys on the forum so ask them what is best to sell in Ireland and whether is is better to sell on the Forum in the UK or maybe Europe? I know for a fact American tourists sell gold in Dublin/ Belfast. There is a Irish bargin right now if you look on the forum gold deals. https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/proclamation-of-the-irish-republic-50-gold-proof-coin-2016.html
  9. I'm sure most of you guys have long term investments and mid term investments?
  10. Chlorinated chicken well what did everyone expect. What people voted for was lower prices! I only problem i have is, is with origin labling. If the USA are proud of their products/ produce then they should have USA on the package or are they ashamed of what they are selling!!! Origin of produce labling should stay!
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