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  1. Selling a sovereign to HGM you get atm sovereign 97.95% and krugerrand 98%. When you buy well as said above its all over the place. I have to say about 6 months ago i bounght a good Britannia from them for 3% above spot. I then bought a few sovereigns from HGM they were equivalent to Chards ex jewellery 'C stock' in condition, so its still lucky dip, you just pay more above spot. When selling to HGM i have always found them very fast
  2. Yeah Paul the thing is, like me i am only interested in certain coins because i also listen to a lot of music. I might of bought a Queen coin decided against, but when the Bowie coin was announced I decided right from the start to get the 2oz silver. I also think when the dust settles there will be a long term investment for lower grades and british graded coins. IMO music collectors who want a quality coin in their collection probably would want an ungraded coin. BTW I know one radio DJ who has bought a 5oz coin today (no names).
  3. I bought the 2oz silver, i got the email. I have been checking my email every morning in January just to get it. I liked Bowie i have all his records. I wanted the 2oz silver and thats what i got.
  4. Slightly different point, If you are on holiday and you re- enter the country with some legal coinage ( silver britannias) that are £2 pound coins how many can you bring in? £2 coins that is
  5. I agree with all the above, we who were on this forum in 2015 -2018 know who messed it up for everyone else. The consistant sending coins (that were bought at 1.5% -3% above spot) back to HGM.
  6. I found if you have a good postie to give them a christmas tip, this keeps them happy and all my mail finds its way to my house esp when he is working.
  7. Don't hold back then HT! Let him down gently
  8. Hi i am after a 1906 Sovereign in about EF condition. If you have one and are looking to sell then message me please. With your price, I will pay for Special delivery.
  9. Pipers

    for sale (By Platinum Member) 1oz Platinum 2019 Philharmonic

    IMO the Platinum has a far better strike
  10. Are the Perth mint doing the music legends? ACDC
  11. Pipers

    for sale (By Platinum Member) 1oz Platinum 2019 Philharmonic

    I just want to say the Platinum Philharmonics are excellent coins, unlike the silver philharmonics.
  12. Pipers

    925 silver

    Yes i think 925 is worth buying. If you are going to buy it make sure it is stamped 925 and it tests 925. Some of the antique 925 sterling silver is just under 925 they did not have as accurate testing facilaties 200 years ago.
  13. Sign for is not worth anything as a buyer, it really does not. If any thing it covers the seller and then its not very good. Where did you buy the silver from? If it was from Ebay/ Dealer you are covered becuse the parcel was delivered to Number 14 (GPS) . If you bought it off here hard look, though i would certainly ask the seller if they are a dealer to put a claim in then they can refund you, or if the seller put the worth of the silver in the parcel then they can claim too. Be aware to keep checking with the post office Just in case the seller has claimed for the silver and has
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