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  1. Ah well we don't know. Maybe nearly everyone near where dicker lives have all bought from H&B and they thought it wise to send the promotional material out to everyone!
  2. In my experience they would of emailed you and offered you an alternative or you wait in order with everyone else. I once waited nearly 6 months. I have waited just as long with another dealer who took my order over the internet and at the same time sold the same coin over the counter i waited for the dealer to source the another coin. Chards have been going a long time You will get your coins.
  3. Ah you already done Also i see you live in London if a member wanted you could sell face to face.
  4. This does not surprise me. Delivery companies are just gouging sinse Brexit. UPS must just be charging everyone, the only reason this was resolved in the customers favor was because the customer involved the media. The customers now must use commodity numbers when buying from Europe, then the delivery companies will think twice before charging you.
  5. Where can i buy the Robin hood coin. Does anyone know who in the UK apart from the RM is stocking this coin at reasonable premiums. I am going to buy this series with my daughter. 10% premium at the royal mint, which thinking about it is 5% over a standard britannia. I am going to ring the RM tomorrow and i will ask them if the coin will be availible for dealers.
  6. I'd be careful about sending fake items back, just get your money back first. Any seller can make a mistake, but that bar is just obvious to anyone a fake.
  7. Expressing opinions about experiences with buying is not a problem. The problem is you suggest its forum users fault you put the order in with these dealers, sort of 'look what you made me do'. Did you read other threads on the forum about filming the parcel hand over, or refusing to take delivery because the parcel was damaged. Making sure parcels are all sent fully insured. Many years ago I to have had a problem with a major bullion dealer in the UK and it is on this forum, i did not blame anyone else and it took me a while to sort it out. I have never used that deal
  8. Well coins, gold and silver are as bad as Human part🤯
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/prohibited-restricted-items/prohibited-restricted-items?id=4207
  10. You will find them saying now is the best time to buy, then next week will be the best time to buy also in 6 months it will be the best time to buy, i just wonder if they are getting kick backs.
  11. I sometimes sell on Ebay. I mean about 2 times a year. Does that include me?
  12. Not sure but i would be be reading a lot atm about bond levels and gold. Also this is important IMO though not Gold it certainly should worry some on this site. https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-02-28/Rick-Rule-steps-down-from-managing-director-role-at-Sprott.html
  13. The amount of forum members who have got at me and bloked me for suggesting they alter their buying habits at high prices. Anyway the ones who have blocked me cannot read this message, There is nothing wrong in finding the best price. The more experienced members didn't get burn't. I hope you didn't get burn't to much.
  14. Not bought then since May 2019?
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