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  1. Anyone know what the deal with this coin is? Can't see stock anywhere.
  2. I wonder what the impact will be if every country starts doing this?
  3. The Royal Mint bullion site has stock. However the premiums on sovs are like 13% last time I checked...
  4. Wow, I'm convinced. Illuminati confirmed, 9/11 was an inside job, etc. Sometimes, there is no 'hidden meaning'. Plagues and pandemics are as old as humankind.
  5. Whilst I agree somewhat wtih your sentiments, trouble could be brewing with all these huge bailouts and money printing. I think the old addage of "don't keep all your eggs in one basket" applies.
  6. Okay, well I'm inclined to trust the official numbers from WHO. Also, a high proportion of people who catch this, will need an ICU bed. If these fill up, expect to see much higher death rates, this is already the case in Italy where capacity is full for ICU beds.
  7. Yes, I've heard this too. People believing that moving to a cashless society is part of some big conspiracy theory are barking up the wrong tree. We are moving to a cashless society because people prefer using plastic / contactless, it's driven by consumer behaviour and convenience. Also the Bank of England has stated that they will continue to support cash, so long as there is demand for it, so have the Government.
  8. They are required to do it by law, due to know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation. It's not just the UK that has this either. Also I wouldn't get too shirty with them, or they might file a SAR against you, which goes to the NCA to investigatge
  9. Neither is making conjecture, without any proof (aka a conspiracy theory). And yes, the UK response is muted compared to other countries who have closed borders and imposed martial law - lite. WHO Estimates mortality at 3.4%, flu is 1%. That doesn't take into account the high proportion of people who need ICU treatment, if you look at Italy they are already out of beds, so this mortality rate will most likely climb.
  10. There have been cases of re-infection reported, but I don't think there's anything conclusive yet.
  11. Well, yeah... ? It's a global problem. Why wouldn't scientists and experts collaborate? The number of cases is growing rapidly, and that's only the reported numbers, since there aren't enough testing kits.
  12. The UK reaction has been muted compared to other countries. Are you saying it's a global conspiracy? All these countries closing borders are in on it too?
  13. I'd say yes, but it depends. I'd prioritise physical cash, then gold. If SHTF, then gold won't really be much use anyway, until after things have calmed down.
  14. Indeed. The fact that the Fed has thrown the kitchen sink at this (and couldn't wait till their next meeting in three days) shows they are panicked. Markets will react accordingly. I expect shares to go sharply down, probably gold and bonds for a bit while people sell stuff for margin calls. Though I expect they will shoot up after.
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