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  1. In UK the Brittanias seem to be pretty popular and a common choice being our Gov minted coins, the Queens beast are another popular (as stated above) one here being royal mint again and nice designs in most although the early ones now hold a high premium. Not sure about other specific countries or continents but in general tend to see a lots of Pandas, kruggerand, and kookaburras, and libertads, all of which seem quite popular (some more than others) as well as some European "junk" silver
  2. Yet more amazing points and info thank you all so much, and so much I haven't thought about myself at all! I guess I'm still at the stage if getting finances in order so the flowchart is most helpful! I agree there's a lot more to it than just the current gold price etc, nice to hear the different views and opinions. I appreciate all the input and time taken to answer this too given me a lot to look up and think about!
  3. Thanks again yet more invaluable info and more to look into, to be honest it wasnt planned as 100% I suppose until just now I never really thought of it s an investment portfolio, just as keeping some gold
  4. Very informative thank you Sounds like I have some serious reading up to do! cant say I've ever really had a real look into many other options yeh to be honest at all so far so good to know where to start, only really got started with gold and silver because, its shiny..
  5. Your probably right, I'm hoping to basically sort my own pension and treat the official one as a top up, out of curiosity what else you you invest/save in over the longer term like that and on a smaller budget? Like the Idea of stock and trading till the realisation you need to start with a good chunk anyway, PMs seem especially appealing purely for the less historical move upwards over time
  6. Exactly the problem spend most if your life paying the house off so that it can then pay someone else to look after you!
  7. Another good point, for the moment I'm trying to avoid the collecting side of things as I know I'll fall deep into that rabbit hole! Bullion grade all the way for the moment. That's said I've found it very hard not to pull the trigger on some the nicer collectable pieces. Think Sovs are my current redemption there as I can slightly sate that collector itch and still pay bullion prices!
  8. Funny really as after reading all this and thinking $24000 a year sounds like a lot, I've just realised that I haven't got a clue what the average pension paid out here is (living in UK), I'm still working towards a £24k a year income now and feel like that's probably a lot more than im likely to get out of a pension judging on what my elderly relatives get in support and pension (very little) seems like you need to save up to a point, get a house and hope that your health lasts long enough to not have to sell the house just to pay your way when retired. Obviously there's a huge spectrum here
  9. Lots of very good info and interesting points, thank you all, certainly looks like goal setting for me may be the way too go! Was worried I was going to get bit too hung up on trying to get to that fixed figure and not enjoy the fun part if the hobby but goal and amount setting seems to be a pretty key element!
  10. Thanks for your input! Yeh maybe setting a goal is a way to go as hasn't really given myself a target amount! And I suppose that's part of the idea, what do we count as outrageous! Just buy until it's time to sell I guess!
  11. Hi All, Just wondering as to all your opinions... So I'm mainly stacking as a hedge against inflation and to put aside my own pension pot for old age and as long term savings as I dont feel like relying on the one I'm currently supposedly working on by, well working! I'm not in a position where I'm currently picking up loads say a sovereign every other month or some 1/10 a month where possible. So with all this in mind and with the current price high it just got me to thinking if gold would ever get high enough in price to not warrant purchasing for the above goals, or if
  12. Looking to change up my stack a little bit and slowly get everything towards CGT free bullion, I have 15 bullion grade 2011 Canadian maples in a tube (prominant milk spotting and few little bumps and scuffs from handling). Originally purchased from Atkinsons bullion. Iam looking to trade for CGT free gold, ideally a sovereign but open to offers and happy to top up with a little bit of cash for the right swap! Thanks
  13. Brilliant all, thanks for the time put into reposnses it is much appreciated! and some very interesting info in there, also I definitely see that's a good way of looking at higher premium stuff too! To be honest the maples were a very early purchase at a good price and since then been mainly for the brits (being UK based i like the CGT free!). Some very interesting points about the eagles though I was unaware! So the question now is, do I want some artistically formed silver!!
  14. And yet more food for thought, thanks it's nice to see how others approach, and yes I guess it's a risk balance and depends on mints and coins etc. Think will give the QB a miss, probs would have picked a few up if I had come in on the lion and dragon etc but maybe not for the rest, may just go somewhere between with the likes of the coat of arms (although not sure if I'm right in saying RM are one more prone to spotting) and thought about a few of the anniversary kooks to hold for a flip in the future as they seem to do well and aren't a huge premium over spot. Still finding my feet
  15. Thanks for responses, yeh I think it is that stacking the same old coins can get a bit samey, variety is always nice! And yes was think more along the higher premium gold being better, cant bring myself to do it at the mo, the sovs required some saving for think would find it hard to go for higher premium gold at the moment l, definitely something to look at for the future is just a shame to miss the boat and a few coins I really do like!
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