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  1. My first junk silver negotiating in a shop. Not sure I did well but it was high time to start
  2. Hi , Are the 40% liquid , is it worth buying them ? Do they trade below spot , or can i use apmex as a reference ?
  3. Hello i am more of a gold Guy - came across those coins ; there are a few i Can recognize - some half dollars ; some greek coins etc.. Can you try to list what IS in there and what IS more or less the value of each coin ? Many thanks
  4. The one with the young princess usually commands a slightly higher premium due to its unrivalled beauty
  5. Thanks @Aknot Very much appreciated. My goal is to have 1 of each ; doesn't matter the mint. If possible in decent state with a bit of a luster ; but I am struggling to understand if these coins were ever in circulation ?
  6. Hello, Backyard Bullion did a video on this a while ago , I just fell in love with it. I am about to buy a map/book ( both a map and a book at the same time) just for the fun of it. Does anyone collect them here ? is it easy to find ? I am thinking to buy this for myself and not for investment , and to do it with my son:) As far as I understand they are not precious metal and they were in circulation , as I don't live in the US at all , i m wondering if they are easy to find anywhere on the internet. I d buy a map with 18 coins inside and then will look for all of them litt
  7. My last 20 francs LMU acquisitions including a few rare coins 20 franga ari 1927 - Albania - King Ahmet Zogu 20 leva 1908 - Bulgaria- Ferdinand I ( Déclaration of Indépendance ) 20 Lei 1906- Romania - 40th Anniversary of Carol 20 drachma - Greece - 1884
  8. Hello About the non-restrike rooster : From 1899 to 1905 they have DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE From 1906 to 1914 the coins have LIBERTÉ ÉGALITÉ FRATERNITÉ following the 1905 law about separation of the ( catholic ) Church and the state . This is the secular ( and masonic ) motto of the French Republic which is still ongoing today. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1905_French_law_on_the_Separation_of_the_Churches_and_the_State Restrike rooster : they are called Pinay restrike ; that was the name of the minister of the economy. They were produced between 195
  9. Hi @daca @MrTTI was the one selling to @Lea79 I don't have any now in stock but let me know in PM how much you can pay for that and I will try to find you one Mr TT be careful because catawiki shows the price without the commission I think .
  10. and it s not an ideological thing , i just do not like when coins have a bit colored and the rest not colored.
  11. @Melon the coin is nice , but not a big fan of the rainbow colors on the hat "spoiling" the coin
  12. A 20 francs Louis XVIII just arrived
  13. In France you send passport for every buy. Even if you buy 10 euro for a silver coin . Six-gun - use every account possible below the threshold - your friends ; your brother your father your wife etc etc Added 0 minutes later... Maybe but you should start to have border controls and ban gangsta rap if you want no drugs. Not go for the gold stacker.
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