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  1. In France you send passport for every buy. Even if you buy 10 euro for a silver coin . Six-gun - use every account possible below the threshold - your friends ; your brother your father your wife etc etc Added 0 minutes later... Maybe but you should start to have border controls and ban gangsta rap if you want no drugs. Not go for the gold stacker.
  2. Serbian gold discount now at 319 GBP/355 EUR
  3. Romania - 20 Lei 1883 Serbia - ,20 dinara 1879
  4. Another bump - Serbian coin left !
  5. If it s false I am sorry. But judging how "fact check" is biased in my country ( France ) against nationalists and Christians in particular ; I don't know if I can take them seriously
  6. Yes. Newspapers like the guardian are one of the worst globalist tools. Even me as a non English can see it.
  7. Worst than this He was the advisor of many presidents ; opposed to each other in theory ( left wing and right wing ). Attali is a very well known Zionist agent. He also said that countries are like "hotels" ; that the new world order is inevitable and Jerusalem would be a good capital of it ; made a lot of anti non-jewish jokes . Attali also claimed that it s a shame that the government helps small businesses because "all the money should go to a vaccine " Also check the book of another french Jew Alexandre Adler about the secrets of the CIA . He describes a pandemic with a certain accuracy .
  8. 2 factories producing hydrochloriquine ( sorry if I don't spell this right) on fire at the same time both in USA and in Mexico Wake up guys it s not about the virus.... It s about vaccinating everyone
  9. it is a historical national hero of Latvia i think , but the poster from latvia could easily answer this
  10. if not mistaken it s the same woman we can see on the back of the 2euro coins ?
  11. Bump - only the 20 dinara serbia left
  12. BUMP- only 2 coins left out of 5
  13. Photos of my last arrival there : 20F Belgium Albert I , 20 F Belgium Leopold I , 20 F Tunisia , 7,5 Rubles Nicholas II & Swiss Helvetia
  14. Mines are all 20F format - 6.45g 90% purity from period 1865-1927
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