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  1. The Dutch coin is sold. The rest is still available
  2. very nice coin , what sort of premium are we talking about ?
  3. It's not a swiss cross. It is the coat of arms of Savoia the House of Savoy led the Italian unification in 1860 and ruled the Kingdom of Italy until 1946. Vittorio Emmanuele and Umberto (can't remember the numbers) on that coins were part of this family.
  4. Hello , Payment via bank transfer , for any other method please contact me. Coins sent from France. Sending preferably inside the EU . For any other question please contact me 10 Rubles chervonets - Russia (Soviet Union) - 1975 - BU/UNC - 430 EUR 10 Rubles chervonets - Russia (Soviet Union ) - 1979 - BU/UNC - 430 EUR 1/10th oz Canada - Maple Leaf - Canada- 185 EURO 20 Francs "napoleon" (ceres type ) 1850 - France - 315 EUR SOLD 20 Francs :napoleon" (Ceres type )1851 - France - 315 EUR SOLD 10 Gulden 1889 Willem III - Netherlands - 325 EUR - SOLD
  5. Hi @razius, yes. Same price. Would you like one or two ?
  6. There is a full list available depends on your criterias. The best is to use numista and the detailed search tool inside . I personally collect only LMU from 1865-1927 period and only circulated coins. This already gives you access to around 40 coins , some of them extremely expansive and rares and some of them close to spot.
  7. I ve never done any panning or stuff like this but I admit that a nugget has some kind of supernatural power of attraction , even through the screen.
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