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  1. Good spot! Ordered one seem a lot cheaper then anywhere else with the free postage 105.04 posted
  2. After a full bullion and half sovereign years 2000-2018 Looking around the £500 mark for both thanks
  3. Bouchy5

    2012 sovereign

    I have managed to buy 2x2012sovs for 670 delivered so I don’t think that’s to bad! thanks for the information people means a lot when you come on this page and people are willing to help you out! 👍🏻
  4. Bouchy5

    2012 sovereign

    Thanks for the advice! I know @Tn21 said 350 would other people agree on that
  5. Sorry should of put bullion! Thanks anyways!
  6. Bouchy5

    2012 sovereign

    I’ve been offered a pair of 2012 sovs But they seem to hold a premium compare to other years I’m pretty new to stacking does anyone know why they hold such a premium even though they are bullion cheers matt HappyEaster 🐣
  7. Any sovereigns up for sale looking for years from 2000-2018 Looking for 2 posted! Cheers matt
  8. Thanks for the tag mate. great looking coins but I was after a brit thank again! Matt 👍🏻
  9. Anyone got any for sale? happy Sundays cheers matt!
  10. Did not expect to come across this thread on this forum but I am in a similar mindset as you at the moment. I live up north east where the house prices are very cheap there’s a few people I know he was doing a currently and is making very good profit/income from it will be following this.
  11. After some sovereigns any years after 2000
  12. After some 10oz bars what you got!
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