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  1. Silverstorm, I really think the tub i had in the safe helped but from what i hear about milk spots is that if its going to milk spot you cant stop it, just delay it. I think coins that are prone to milk spotting then storage really helps. I tend to think that you will be OK with your maples no matter how you store as it looks like what they did at the mint has sorted it or at the very least really helped the problem. Funny what you say about keeping milk spotted coins away from the good. In that display case they were all in capsules. Maybe milk spots is to silver what covid is
  2. Silvestorm, I have just checked 5 tubes of 2019 maples and a quick look which still to 20 mins i could see no sign of any milk spots. Is the first time ive opened them since buying and was really happy with them. When i started this thread it was about 2 brits (2019) that had milk spotted. These coins were not in my main stack in the safe but were in a display case. I had 10 coins in it, 2 from each year from 2017. I put the coins in the case 2 months ago and there was no milk spots on the coins at the time. I put one of those little silica bags in the case at the same time in case o
  3. I have just over 6 tubes of 2019 maples. 2 tubes i have listed and i had a quick check for milk spots before listing and i saw no sign of the dreaded milk spots. If i get time later i will check the rest. It did seem maples suffered badly before 2018 so lets hope they cracked it. Im a little nervous to check the rest of my stack lol.
  4. Owls are the only coins left. REDUCED. Coins are all from 2019 and brought new in 2019 from silver to go. All coins selling as bullion condition but all look very good to me. I only had a quick look when taking photos but i did not see any milk spots on any of the coins. QB coins came in tube but was put in capsules when received. Valiants came in capsules and have never been taken out. Owls and maples only been out of the tube to take these photos. Any coins which have been handled i have used cotton gloves. None of these coins have been cleaned
  5. I understand but it was just a simple Brit Bullion coin. Even buying new Brits from the mint is a gamble, you can get a nice one but just as easy could end up getting one scratched to hell.
  6. I tried that first on another coin but took the high gloss shine off the coin, it ended up looking dull finish like in the ASE so i did again in polish and it put the shine back. Not sure if you use a polishing cloth would work as good but try the way i did it with a really soft polishing pad on high speed with dremel. I could sell the non milk spot brit for about £27, with the milk spots about £25. If it went wrong and scratched the hell out of it i would still get £20 for the coin for melt so its not a £25 gamble but just a £5 gamble.
  7. Thanks Liam. I thought long and hard about posting this as was expecting much p1ss taking from the proof collecting members on here but was amazed how well it turned out. I only stack bullion coins that i like and finding it covered in milk spots gutted me as im sure it has with other stackers so i ran the risk of ridicule by some other members on here.
  8. Oh remember i said Auto Glym which is a liquid polish and NOT Autosol which is a paste.
  9. Have some 1oz silver brits in a display case and was gutted to find the 2019 brits x2 had milk spotted. Now as they are only bullion coins i took the chance and used a rubber to get rid of the spots on one of the coins. Although it removed the milk spots i was not impressed as the coin lost some of the shine. I watched the video on you tube of Backyard Bullion doing this but he did it on some kangaroo's but they do not have the same really bright shine as the brits. I really like the Brits because of the way they shine as you tilt them and this really took the shine away.
  10. I sold a watch about 12 years ago to a buyer in Saudi Arabia. He paid by paypal and money was in my bank so posted the watch. Thought i was extra safe as they cut your hand off for stealing in Saudi. About 2 weeks after posting the money was reclaimed as the paypal account holder said he had not authorised payment. No money and no watch but i was comforted by the thought that one day his luck would run out and off with his hands. Watch would be no good then as it would keep falling off lol.
  11. It will be a sad sad day when ebay finally comes to an end. Millions of scammers looking for new sites for their victims.
  12. Remember that listings are not visible to unpaid members for a few days ( think thats the way it works) so am sure it will sell soon enough.
  13. Will be listing my caravan for sale soon on ebay and listing for a bargain price of £8,500 as want a quick no hassle sale and just want to give someone here the option before i list. Dont really expect to sell here but you never know. its a swift 524 hi-style. Reg 30/11/2011 but is 2012 model. CRIS reg in my name. Private sales this would normally be advertised for £10,000 plus and dealer £12,000. If your looking and for a caravan and able to collect this weekend then message me. Please dont message me with offers of deposit to hold until you can view. Caravan is in Northam
  14. We sometimes have to be careful with our words as it is easy to forget it is a worldwide forum which is why in my post i used the word cigarettes and not fags. That would confuse our American friends. Another tale about my brother is he was in America on holiday and he got into a friendly poker game in some bar. During the game he said he will be back in a minute and is popping out for a fag. He realised what he had said by the shocked looks on their faces lol.
  15. Years ago i was selling some stuff at a car boot and took a look at the stall next to me. He was selling a £5 coin in its presentation pack for £2. Are you stupid i asked, you do know thats legal tender and can spend it in a shop. He ripped open the packet and put it in his pocket and brought a pack of cigarettes the next day. He was my brother so i should have brought it for £2 and wound him up for the rest of his life. Another car boot we both had a stall i had one of those electric fly trap lights for sale for £2 and he said i would never sell that so i bet him £2
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