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  1. Grandad had traveled the world and settled in the UK doing a part time cleaning job for a London coin dealer. In the 60s grandad packed up and moved back to Romania where he sadly died. His house was handed down to his son then when he died to his grandson who has in the last few years moved to London. Anyone who buys a coin from this seller be sure to get a free car wash thrown in.
  2. 2 months ago a friend of my brother who is mid 40s was scammed by the classic bank call that he needs to move his money to another account. When my brother started the story i kept saying please dont tell me he fell for that. Laughing my brother said yes he did. I had a go at my brother for laughing because no matter how stupid it was it was not funny and there was some scumbag now spending his cash.
  3. See these on ebay pre sale for £24.99. He also wants £225 postage lol.
  4. Im tempted to laugh but its so sad to sit here and watch someone get robbed and not being able to do anything about it.
  5. Its a good idea to write your user name and date on a card and place the card next to the items for sale then take the photo. As a new member with no feedback this will at least show other members that the items you have for sale are not just other photos taken from the web. Not having a go but am just trying to help you with your sale. Kind Regards.
  6. At the start your listing was a little confusing but is better now. You still need to show photos of everything your selling. Were it was confusing at the start was over the whole QB set and you have not included photos so that added to the confusion. You need to take more photos and add user name and date on a card and include that in the photos. Good luck with the sale. Kind Regards. Oh and where you have just posted and added to the listing it would be better if you went back to the start and edited it from there so it would show at the beginning of the listing and
  7. Yes i totally agree. Scammers use these sites to buy silver plated bars and then sell on ebay as the real thing. That is the danger of these sites and if they sell on ebay as 999 silver that is a scam that will fool many people and chances are would fool me too. That is unless they put in big writing this is silver plated in the listing.
  8. Anyway it has nothing to do with silver. It could have been about anything brought on the internet. People buy an empty PS5 box on ebay for £300+ that is listed as an empty box. Ok clearly listed to try and fool people who will just look at a photo. Then there are people who see a listing for a phone charger for £4.99 with the picture showing a photo of a £1000 phone the lead is for then complain the phone was missing. I have been looking for a coin display box and many of the listings show coins in the box. Do i expect to get a gold coin for £10? No i would not berate a t
  9. Yes it may have been a harsh but come on, it clearly said silver plated and even after he received the bars he still did not go back and read what he had brought. They were copies that were sold as copies. would you still be defending if he brought one of the gold bars for $50? On the plus side for the OP, he did not get charged VAT.
  10. If you brought a fake rolex for £20 would you think you have been scammed because it looks like a rolex? You did not buy a fake, you brought a copy. Few people will buy them to brag to mates but most who would buy these would do so to sell on as real 1 oz bars. I would not put this down to a mistake by someone who is new to silver. You knew it was way cheaper than it should have been, did no research and still paid a few hundred pounds. The mistake is down to being an idiot. Every week you hear stories of people being scammed to move their cash from their account to another
  11. Not sure whats happened here as just finished work after getting up this morning at 4.30am and im shattered. To clear things up i meant it was a disgusting listing by someone clearly out to take advantage of some poor soul. I have nothing to do with the listing and would never sink that low.
  12. What a cracking deal this is, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INVEST-FOR-YOUR-FUTURE-20-X-Britannia-2020-1-oz-REAL-SILVER-Presentation-BOX/164671116183?hash=item265729d397:g:cnAAAOSwxmZgEalE I just brought one of these empty display cases for £29 . He buys the same case, adds 20 bullion coins and put that price on it. Im shocked.
  13. Trust me im not knocking the forum the best deals around are to be found here. What i was knocking is new members expecting to get here what they do on ebay but with no risk as its bank transfer. No i did not buy on here at those prices and the seller brought down his price. I have been a member here for 2 years but only a paid member from last week and have watched prices here and anything under £25 an oz is gone in seconds and i cant type fast enough to take advantage. I did become a paid member as i was thinking of selling my silver but it has kind of not worked out tha
  14. Yes i just thought it was a good deal from a UK dealer with vat. I looked at other dealers and hardly any had stock and most that did were asking £40 plus. In regards to people selling on here i have just become a paid member to get to see items for sale and there has been a few cases of people asking for £30 an oz on tubes of 25. To be fair they lowered the price. £30 or close to it seems what they go for on ebay for a simple bullion coin and i think people see that price and list at that price here sometimes. Little thought goes in to why they go for £30 on ebay, Fees take up
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