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  1. Hello TSF! I am selling this 1892 half sovereign (shield back) gold coin that is Victoria Jubilee Head. Price is £195 (payment via bank transfer) and that includes the the insured and tracked delivery (next day via Royal Mail). Initially bought this coin via HGM and diameter is around 19mm, and the coin is not magnetic. I have successfully completed a few trades before via TSF and feel free to check out my feedback. Let me know if you have any further questions.
  2. Never been a huge fan of these high premium coins... Seems very speculative. I mean don't get me wrong, they look great and I would get a couple of them once the premiums get down to 3%-5%.
  3. Lol isn't this a privacy concern? If these are postcards don't come in envelopes.
  4. If I was starting out, I would stay away from high premium coins and mostly focus on bullion gold. While silver might be seen as a better opportunity, selling/buying it in the UK is a nightmare (wide spreads) and there is definitely uncertainty over buying silver from EU as a long term strategy. Plus the storage of doing so. For gold coins, I'd focus on sovereigns and Britannias first, maximum premium 3% over spot. Fractional coins like 1/2 oz or 1/4 oz can be a good idea but I noticed the premiums on them are generally higher than 1 oz coins. You might experience stacking fatigue
  5. Hm don't they say that they suspect it would only affected the 2017 series? It would be very worrying if it was across the board for all Krugs.
  6. I love this! And they are ideal for storage, no one would realise you have a few thousand of £ in there.
  7. Educational video, I enjoyed watching it. He is working for State Street so obviously he's going to promote GLD and ETFs as a whole. If he wasn't, then pretty sure he'd settle for physical gold.
  8. I prefer gold coins over bars, there's a couple of reasons: 1. UK legal tender gold coins are exempt from CGT and gold bars are not. 2. The premiums on bars are very similar to bullion gold coins (sovereigns, Britannias etc). And for me personally, coins are much more attractive to look at than bars!
  9. I have seen it, I wasn't sure if it is a "bargain" but the coin itself was in a very nice condition. Personally, high premium coins are somewhat off putting but every collector is different.
  10. Given the direction the spot is moving in... Harrington & Byrne's deal might not be a bargain anymore
  11. You are right, some account for the "free postage" already in the coin price, though they also offer collection service. I think ATS Bullion is an example... they advertise the "from" price as the bulk price, buying one coin is almost higher than the listed price on the catalog page, they also offer free postage but doesn't make sense for the postage cost to be incorporated in the coin price, the postage+packaging+insurance costs do not apply if I am picking it up in person.
  12. Looks like they fixed it! Shame, would've been an interesting experience to order a bunch of these.
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