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  1. I’m looking for 1 or 2 empty Royal Mint Gold Sovereign tubes please. If anybody has any kicking around I would love to be able to try and fill these.
  2. I too have got a soft spot for the valiant. I can justify the premium over Britannias because they are 99.99% pure compared to the brits 99.9%. Both in my opinion have a place in balanced portfolio.
  3. Can the website be converted into English, I can’t to an option on their home page?
  4. Thank you for the reassurance guys. Funds have now been received by EM!
  5. No, it was: Best Bullion OÜ, IBAN ending 9019, Paysera LT UAB. I paid in euros from my Revolut card.
  6. Just placed an order today with EM.com and noticed they have changed their bank details to a bank in Lithuania. I assume this is legit, I am now doing the nervous wait to confirm they have received my funds... Can anybody confirm this is correct?
  7. Cardboard box...... haha, first world problems. I feel for you 😉
  8. @Chicagodogs I suppose the LCS will always want to take their cut. They will be happy to pay you spot price for your silver but will 100% want their premium on the gold they sell you. The only way I can see any of us getting a true value exchange on the GSR is by trading with a like minded invested in the forum
  9. My plan is to convert my silver into gold when the ratio hits 50:1. Long term is to acquire enough gold to sell up and pay of the mortgage. Then, start again...
  10. I’m looking to get my hands on two (empty) Royal Mint Gold sovereign tubes. Can anybody help me?
  11. I have used both several times, with no real problems. Had to wait a few weeks for an order that included the new queens beasts from GS.BE that worried me a little (but wouldn’t have been their fault). Prices vary between the two, depending on what I’m after Influences who I buy from.
  12. I have been placing an order with GSBE every month since around April. All orders arrive in approx one week with no problems. The only issue I’ve had, was waiting 24 days last month for my order to arrive, because of the new 2oz White Lion of Mortimer being out of stock.
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