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  1. Updated stack picture. 2020 was silent, got just 10 France francs in gold and random silver coins. US 3 cents was most exciting 😄 thinking to get few more, from different years. Got intrested in coins for stacking but feeling at the moment that numismatics/history takes over.
  2. I did order 2001 silver Buffalo NGC 69 from MA Shops. This is what i got. I guess it is close enough, or even bit over.
  3. Hi, I have two 10 bolivares 1973 Venezuela. Both are identical but texts on edges are diffrent way around. Does anyone know about these coins?
  4. My bank offers UK stocks without comission next week. Is there any intresting to look at the moment?
  5. Rubble, oil price, poor infromation about covid and its long term affect on consumer prices. But high risk, high reward. My friend in customs said that importing cars havent dropped much as expected (standing on border).
  6. All non-paper silver has gone up but needed to buy something. So got few dollars from auction. 26,5€ for morgan dollar 1889 20,5€ for peace dollar 1923 Saw everything 1oz bullion going 23-30€. Even more popular were silver forks etc. All thought those have always had more bidders than coins in some auctions. I dont know if that is age question, but older people bid on those.
  7. Can somebody tell, what is philswiss club?
  8. Hope to get first silver bar this year. And some small gold coins when see offer or realistic auction. But overall, i bet im buying less this year. Car needs some fix in the future, taxing of gas is rising and i need to drive more this year for various reasons.
  9. Nice, didnt notice. Now cant be unseen 😄
  10. Bought 10 mercs today. At home i noticed one of had strange carving on neck.
  11. Germans are huge fans of Mintos and other similar services.
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