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  1. hi there, are they still available and do they have any toning? Can you put them all under vacuum? thank you, Matt
  2. page does not even load anymore......
  3. Received a gorgeous 10g Heraerus from @ram64 SUPERB!
  4. Thank you for the positive feedback!
  5. ok it works on safari 🙂
  6. weird enough there isn't a create new topic on the sub-forum either.... I am on chrome
  7. if I go on the menu create and click on Topic select forum I can select any forum where to create a new topic except Buy, Sell & trade UK and Europe. that is the only one that us greyed out... How weird... Matt
  8. and as it happens I have a question.. I am based in UK but cannot post on the UK marketplace to sell what am I missing? Matt
  9. thank you guys!!! 🙂
  10. Hello, I long time looking first time posting! My name is Matt , live in London and have acquired a selection of silver and gold over the years. My first baby will be due soon so I am planning to sell some of it to pay for the family expenses 🙂 This is a great forum with great members, keep it up! MattS
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