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  1. Spot is up but price remains the same, currently this is spot price + 2%
  2. Me personally 50% platinum 25% gold 25% silver all British Why platinum? 2035 petrol diesel ban on vehicles, these hydrogen cars which need fuel cells and fuel cells need platinum, I think hydrogen vehicles will attract alot more people over electric only vehicles No waiting times to charge, no need to have off street parking or a fancy driveway to park and charge overnight, no range anxiety, no struggling to get onto a charge point in supermarket car parks etc Simply fill up with hydrogen and go, i think platinum will explode in price once we near the ban of 2035.
  3. Got a 1/10 britannia 1996 but its bullion grade £125 plus post if it interests you. Edit sorry just read the nectar points bit.
  4. 1996 gold Britannia 1/10 oz or 3.1 grams condition is bullion grade £125 plus post Payment via bank transfer
  5. Il keep you in mind, Thank you 😁 Adam.
  6. Im not familiar with a capped amount, but im curious if its £390 per person or per group? Theres 8 of us going over if its 390 each we will just max out the allowance each.
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