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  1. Now fixing the prices for the final bump before withdrawal Pamp £1500 posted via Special delivery Ducat £670 posted via Special delivery Cinco 5 Pesos £sold posted via Special delivery
  2. Bump with an extra coin added Mexican Cinco 5 Pesos year 1955 weight 4.16g Fineness 900.0 fixed price on this on unfortunately due to the premium 210 plus postage
  3. Evening all i have available for sale a full sovereign world cup🏆year 1966 in fantastic condition weight 7.98g Fineness 916.7 £SOLD A Mexican Cinco 5 Pesos year 1955 weight 4.16g Fineness 900.0 £SOLD Postage to be added on payment via bank transfer please Thanks Adam.
  4. They hold a slight premium, £200 on the pesos plus postage il add photos
  5. Nothing to exiting a full sovereign year 1966 and a Mexican 5 pesos
  6. Current gold price at the time of writing, Ducat £662 plus postage Pamp £1495 plus postage Ive more gold to add soon 🙂
  7. Kangaroo sold, just the pamp and ducat remaining
  8. Reduced to 2% over spot current prices at the time of writing are 1oz Pamp £1508 1oz kangaroo £1508 4 ducat £668 All plus postage, prices are subject to change with the gold price.
  9. Evening all i have various gold available at just 2% over spot price, payment via bank transfer please and Royal Mail Special Delivery Postage Cost to be added on (can be combined on various pieces) 1oz Pamp Suisse new design 2019, weight 31.1g Fineness 999.9 also comes with the invoice from purchase 1oz Australian Kangaroo 2014, weight 31.162g Fineness 999.9 SOLD Austrian 4 Ducat year 1915, weight 13.963g Fineness 986.0 1911 Full Sovereign King George x2, weight 7.98g each Fineness 916.7 BOTH SOLD. 20 French francs napoleon III year 1868, weight 6.451g Fineness 900
  10. X8 Canadian maple leafs 8oz of silver lot, all coins suffer from milk spots selling as bullion grade handled condition Fineness 999.9 £170 plus postage of your choice
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