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  1. You have no idea what happens Behind closed doors, theres much interest but unfortunately no one with a lump sum, please done offend me this isnt scrap cars it's "real money"
  2. Afternoon I have available for sale a date run of modern day full sovereigns, an ideal investment for anyone wanting to get into collecting full sovereigns Each coin weighs 7.98g of 22ct gold total combined weight is 71.82g Sovereigns are minty bullion grade, this set consists of 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 The set includes the case, capsules (1 blank capsules included to fill the gap) and I'm throwing in free RMSD postage with the price, now as royal mail only cover a maximum compensation value of £2500 I'm happy
  3. Nice fractional Pt coin available 1988 Australian koala still in its mint case, Weight: 3.1g Finesse: 999.5 fine platinum Grade: Bullion, but very good condition bullion Price: £135 plus £6.75 royal mail next day special delivery Payment via bank transfer please Thanks for looking Adam.
  4. Costco price today for a 2021 full sovereign £333.99 (Gateshead store) I didn't get a photo but reasonable pricing a 20g Baird mint bar was £961.
  5. POST UPDATE SOLD. Afternoon I have x3 duplicate full sovereigns I dont need for my date run, im looking to either exchange them for years I do need or I will sell price is £335 each plus £6.75 royal mail special delivery payment via bank transfer please These are years 2008 x2 and a 2021, condition is very good although there bullion, were bought from Chards "minty" capsules are included I need 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 Thanks for looking Adam.
  6. A bit like me when creating this post last night after a few glasses of wine boredom took over 🤭 But on the bright side I learned something new.
  7. That's a good point, I didn't know the half sovereign still has this detail after a quick search its right and as you say a good way to identify a half over a full..........you learn something new every day 🙂
  8. Not to mention the "Cape" in the new sovereign looks like its right on the edge border of the coin The old sovereign theres a small gap
  9. This has most likely been mentioned before but I've never seen it so........I was wondering why the "tail" piece of George's helmet was removed from recent sovereigns compare to old sovereigns? It seems the designers are missing out vital details on such a world wide recognised coin, was It an error that left the mint of did they purposely miss out certain details?
  10. Afternoon I have available for sale x4 full sovereigns all year 2013 condition is brilliant, although selling as bullion grade Each coins weighs 7.98g Finesse 916.7 or 22ct gold Pure gold content 7.32g Diameter 22.05mm 1 sovereign £345 plus £6.75 RMSD 2 sovereigns £345 each free RMSD = £690 3 sovereigns £342 each free RMSD = £1026 All 4 sovereigns £340 each free RMSD = £1360 Payment via bank transfer please Thanks Adam.
  11. Hi dragging this up again cant find 1/4 oz and up anyone? Premium paid Adam.
  12. I have available for sale X5 full sovereigns each coin weighs 7.98g Finesse: 916.7 or 22ct gold Pure gold content: 7.31g Diameter: 22.05mm Grade: Bullion Top 3 are 2020 full sovereigns never handled without gloves in my ownership great condition, Bottom left 1958 handled condition SOLD. Bottom right 1966 handled condition 1 sovereign £350 plus £6.70 RMSD = £356.70 2 sovereigns £350 each free RMSD = £700 3 sovereigns £348 each free RMSD = £1044 4 sovereigns £346 each free RMSD = £1384 All 5 sovereigns £344 each free RMSD = £1720
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