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  1. Looking to sell this lot of 4 coins in one sale, 1. 2020 1/4 Oz Gold Standard 999.9 fine 2. 2022 Full Sovereign 916.7 fine 3. 2022 1oz Silver Britannia 999 fine X2 All bullion grade, never removed from there capsules £845 price includes RMSD (please note strike action is due 30 September to 1st of October, depending how quick this lot sells i can post today for delivery tomorrow, otherwise postage will be delayed until October 2nd) Payment via Bank Transfer Thanks Adam.
  2. £449 Seems reasonably priced for a 1/4 proof https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/proof-sets/david-bowie-2020-uk-quarter-ounce-gold-proof/
  3. OK thanks il do just that tomorrow, I figured an email would be better to show them the coin I want to enter, but yes will call them and chase it up Thanks again.
  4. Apologies for dragging this post back up, I've not used them before but have a coin I'd like to enter into there auctions How do I go about this? I emailed them on the 20th but still haven't heard back from them, is that normally how you would enter a coin with them via email?
  5. Such a shame 😞 the set looks beautiful love the design
  6. Bringing silver bullion back from Ireland to UK......... Let's say if you happen to have relatives in Dublin who you visit Christmas time each year but your based in mainland UK, If the relative in Dublin placed a VAT free order of silver bullion off goldsilver.be and got the order delivered to there address and the next time you were over there to visit, What's the pros and cons of bringing your "Gift" of silver bullion back over to mainland UK? Without paying VAT? Would it be allowed? It was purchased from a European country and delivered to a European country but has been passed on as a gift to a relative that is returning to the UK.
  7. Costco price today for a 2021 full sovereign £333.99 (Gateshead store) I didn't get a photo but reasonable pricing a 20g Baird mint bar was £961.
  8. A bit like me when creating this post last night after a few glasses of wine boredom took over 🤭 But on the bright side I learned something new.
  9. That's a good point, I didn't know the half sovereign still has this detail after a quick search its right and as you say a good way to identify a half over a full..........you learn something new every day 🙂
  10. Not to mention the "Cape" in the new sovereign looks like its right on the edge border of the coin The old sovereign theres a small gap
  11. This has most likely been mentioned before but I've never seen it so........I was wondering why the "tail" piece of George's helmet was removed from recent sovereigns compare to old sovereigns? It seems the designers are missing out vital details on such a world wide recognised coin, was It an error that left the mint of did they purposely miss out certain details?
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