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  1. Yes, please put my name down for 1 Thanks.
  2. Brilliant idea depending on interest, lets say 10 people we're looking at £2.70 each and another £6.70 each £9.40 overall postage sounds more appealing Id be game if anyone else is?
  3. I think condition is everything...... Received two 2020 sovereigns from harrington and byrne today happy with my purchase at £349 each delivered, Apparently you can only have 1 sovereign per household per year, but if you order there exact same sovereign under there different product code number for the same sov 🙄 you can order more I may order one on the mrs account and another on my brothers then mother, and friends, then friends of a friends Keep them coming Harrington and Byrne 😁👍🍻
  4. I seen that and thought you must of meant between 2 and 7 pounds, £27 has killed in unfortunately Thank you anyway.
  5. Interested, can you please confirm what the postage cost is?
  6. I have for sale an 1890 full sovereign Jubilee head bullion grade Sovereign is in handled condition £360 plus postage of your choice payment via bank transfer please
  7. For sale is my 2007 Gold Britannia Proof Set, the set comes in its original presentation box with Certificate of authenticity (number 469 of 1250 minted) in beautiful condition Although struck in 22ct gold rather than 24ct gold each coin weights more than a usual coin to make up for the loss in purity The set consists of 1oz 34.05g 1/2oz 17.02g 1/4oz 8.51g 1/10 3.41g 63 grams in total All coins come in there capsules exactly as seen in the photos, This set is on bullion by post for £3542 at the time of writing Im asking £3000 via bank transfer which will include Royal mail Special Delivery fully insured, collection always welcome if you are local (County Durham) Thanks.
  8. Missed out oh man! Any more 1oz gold or 1oz platinum please let me know needs to get this polymer cash transferred into real money 😉
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