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  1. A one second google search would have sufficed instead of gaffawing off....... The Mexican government this week declared the pandemic as a national health emergency and as a result is forcing all non-essential businesses to close up shop until at least April 30. Silver miners likely are considered non-essential. Some mining and exploration companies have already said they are halting operations. https://www.kitco.com/news/2020-04-01/Silver-market-faces-supply-crunch-as-Mexico-curtails-production.html God forbid the rest of the article gets read.
  2. Do you evr bother reading what people write ? Now I know why I don’t frequent this site anymore. Have it your way.
  3. More likely covid...Mexico released alarming figures. Heading towards 1/2 a million deceased (and let’s not debate any conspiracy here please, just reasons why the mint shut down).
  4. Gentlemen and Gentleladies, welcome to the thick end of what £100,000 looks like 😆 or to put it another way...
  5. So after that minor detour, 3-4 months bitcoin to $80K or as near as dammit. Could be the usual roller coaster on the way. Time will, as always, tell.
  6. Good for you. Your reply seems to infer I am in favour of one over the other. As you can clearly see from my words, I am not. It is a statement of forecasting.
  7. Next up $80,000. Downside $33,000 possible before taking off again. 2-3 month timeframe. Gold could see $1475
  8. Yep, same here. On its way.
  9. Only Fools and Horses 1 ozsilver coin(You Plonker....err wally) 252
  10. To repeat, I spoke with the RM about a separate issue on my order page and he said nothing about the order being cancelled.
  11. From an earlier poster’s comment and my experience this morning on the phone, there is cause for optimism.......
  12. Yup. I gave him my order reference number and name so he could access my page and he didn’t mention any cancellation, so fingers crossed.
  13. Well, on my open order page, it said the total for one coin was so and so but there were three pictures of the actual coin beneath it. I gave the RM chap my order reference number on tne phone and he said all was good and the problem was at their end. Whew !
  14. Oldun

    Luvely Jubbly

    The Royal Mail Royal Mint combination of packaging and qc is way better than just the RM on its own. Coin looks perfect.
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