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  1. Meanwhile, one of these things is not like the other. Can you guess which ? 🤣 (Yeah yeah, I know, assuming social distancing etc but even so....huh ?) If there were a directive or a goal to obfuscate, confuse and incite, whilst hiding trillions in theft, this covid “opportunity” makes 9/11 look positively poor.👀 🤣
  2. I bought Yamana in two tranches a few years ago at just over and below CAD$3 a while back. Has paid dividends along the way which is nice. Well run company. https://stockhouse.com/companies/quote?symbol=t.yri Also got Blackrock mining fund which chips in some pennies obviously.
  3. Some worldwide collated data. Obviously, recording capability is severely reduced in some areas of the world, along with medical capability and access to medical help. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-51235105?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.com/news/world/us_and_canada&link_location=live-reporting-story
  4. Seen worse at football games. Hope those that caused criminal damage to property are duly dealt with.
  5. A member of my family just returned to The UK. She ws the only one wearing a mask in a shop she went to. How stupid have people in The UK become ? Masks go a long way to slowing and decreasing the spread of colds, flus and this one. That is a fact.
  6. Oldun

    The coming Gold crash

    Added 0 minutes later...
  7. Fair play and a good point. Meanwhile, how can WHO now say masks should be worn as it prevents the spread. A small child could have told them that. What on earth have these people been doing for the last 5 months. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-52945210
  8. I get my quarterly cheque from longterm investments and have done for decades. @vand No need to get cute with the short term. However, I did make a nice double recently in Yamana as a bit of fun, took profits and left the core amount (a miner that also pays dividends).
  9. Oldun

    The coming Gold crash

    On topic, I mentioned in another thread a couple of weeks ago that gold would go to 1600-1700. You aint the only smartie pants, kiddo.
  10. Oldun

    The coming Gold crash

    Strength and Honour. Army folk know what that actually means and it aint traders.
  11. Careful if playing the short term. The ECB half a trillion that everyone is waiting for could burn short term jiggler traders, if approved.
  12. Absolutely. Currently the data isthat Trump will win.....but just.....it is kind of like Boris vs Corbyn. In the US, it is the vocal folks that make the most noise but it is the silent majority that actually decide. Brexit would be another good example. But, there is the 14% as regards the US that does happen. That is why this election in the US is interesting. But the S and P usually calls it in the 3 months leading up to their election....at least 87% of the time.
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