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  1. Not unduly concerned. I have been a customer of the RM for quite a while now. Mostly pisting so others can get a timeline. Btw, outside UK delivery.
  2. Even sent them an email yesterday asking. I am sure they will come eventually. Money been taken.
  3. Mine gone to closed and “dispatched” but no email regarding tracking.
  4. And on we go…..from the Mint So I replied, Many thanks for your explanation. I would recommend returning to screw capsules for popular sovereign proof products, as it does seem that, when under pressure of volume, The Royal Mint’s packaging department seems to struggle somewhat, based on anecdotal stories and images across the internet since the “business decision” to which you refer was made. I would also be most grateful if you could pass this comment on to both Anne (Jessop) and Leighton (John). Regardless, I very much look forward, to receiving a) correctly and tightly fitted capsules (preferably screw capsules) b) extra tape on the capsules themselves to secure the capsule lid. c) extra internal packaging d) correctly presented and checked proof coins. Yours sincerely,
  5. My persistence and insistence appear to be paying off. I received this email yesterday. The RM needs to pull its socks up and take their promises of quality control far far more seriously than they have been doing. We shall see whenever the coins arrive. These are not returned coins. These are coins I have yet to receive the first time. It is like dealing with naughty children. I have to sit on the RM to make sure they do it right. The RM staff responsible for overseeing the qc and senior management should be ashamed of themselves. Complete disgrace that the buyer is forced to do their jobs for them. My advice is, do not let the RM get away with this. Email, make requests, insist, be persistent. Be polite but very firm. And then do it as many times as is necessary. You are looking at someone who spent 7 hours on the phone (from abroad) not letting BT get away with any bs (phone call cost me nothing btw). I started the conversation just after lunch and ended it down the pub later that day
  6. leighton.john@royalmint.com is the one to send to as it is a working email address.
  7. Everyone who has posted on this thread or elsewhere with issues absolutely should follow Backyard Bullion’s example and email the CEO directly this week to complain.
  8. I have pre empted them sending mine by bombarding them with the same request for tightly fitted capsules and tape or selotape put on the capsules. Everytime they reply, I reply…..
  9. Just keep emailing the feck out of them and they will get the point….send pictures, videos you name it and dont stop complaining…I have kept this particular series of emails going into the 20 emails now…everytime they reply I reply….I can keep this going all year until they arrive.
  10. Yoofs being paid minimum wage for a few weeks who dont care….
  11. So, bombard them with actual photos of terrible packaging.
  12. I sent this, Many thanks for your reply. I do look forward to seeing the extra measures to secure the coins in their capsules upon their arrival and I thank you for making sure this is done. As I said, the internet is filling up with pictures and stories of a lack of quality control regarding packaging by The Royal Mint of the 2022 sovereigns and i am very pleased that you will be adding extra measures for my coins for the long journey. If you wish me to send you links to the various pictures and accounts of the lack of quality control regarding the packaging, do please let me know and I will email them to you for your records. Once again, many thanks in advance for going the extra mile regarding the coins being sent to me. It is greatly appreciated. Yours,
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