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  1. PF69 Una and the Lion no bid at asking price of £3000. Looks like it was overpriced by the seller/dealer. https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/auctions/4-1K3SXQ/coins-of-the-realm-auction-9?jump_to_lot=3
  2. I genuinely believe the RM has been surprised by the secondary market prices of The Una and The Lion. How will they price the Graces ? Time will tell.
  3. The silve Unas were priced at a tad under £200 and have gone on to achieve thousands of pounds even as a less than 70 graded coin or even raw. It will be interesting to see if the RM are willing to leave that much on the table this time. As for the gold one....!!!!!
  4. Possibly but the Alderneys are PF70s how many RMs will be ? Best guess will be in the hundreds. It certainly will be fun speculating until the coins are all released into the wild One thing you cannot argue with is the beauty of the design.
  5. Do you think the Bowie is more desirable than the Three Graces ? Personally, I would struggle with that line of thinking.
  6. On a seperate note, does anyone think the RM will be selling their 3 Graces at the same prices as their Una and The Lion prices ? Personally, I very much doubt it which would mean an Alderney PF70 bought at £499 potentially a very canny buy. Time will tell but you gotta be innit to winnit.
  7. Indeed. It will all depend on the RM secondary market prices. That is why the first Alderney 100 PF70s were snapped up at £499 due to the remaining being priced at £999. That’s a £500 difference ! it will be interesting to see how many RM ones get top grading. There aren’t so many PF70 unas floating about and the vast majority wont be seeing the light of day for a loooooong time
  8. Nobody knows and neither do I as I have mentioned several times already. You could always ring them up and ask ?
  9. No I am not referring to LPM. I do not know about the non PF70s.
  10. They aren’t achieving more than £999 precisely because everyone knows there are still 900 to be released at £999 so, for now, there is a solid cap on the first 100.
  11. Yep, pretty obvious that £800-900 will be the mark as there are still another 900 coins to be released at £999. Once those are sold and done, then we will see what happens, as it may coincide with the RM release and will depend on how many disappointed RM buyers there may be and how high the RM coins are bidded up in the secondary market. On the assumption that prices go as high as the Una couns, that will almost certainly drag the Alderney ines up with them over time.
  12. I have been led to believe that a company in the far east had the rights to the gold ones graded PF70
  13. Been doing my own since my late 20s as my locks started thinning then and a gf at the time suggested just shaving it off.
  14. The only reason I can think of is that some denominations are either already spoken for or they were specifically minted upon request for a private customer.
  15. Yep, as suspected, initial seconary market price will stay under £999 until the remaining coins are released at £999. Yesterday’s release of 100 coins was at £499. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=alderney+three+graces&_sacat=0&LH_PrefLoc=2&rt=nc&LH_Complete=1
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