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  1. Nice QB Griffin many thanks to @arshimo2012 super quick delivery and well packaged as always
  2. I have a few proof silver £2 coins most if not all have that type of toning pretty similar pattern too
  3. Damn I thought they were available again then 🤪
  4. Still available ? If so I will take if working/keeping time Thanks
  5. Received a beauty today courtesy of a trade with @ADK1080 Really happy with this only thing is I need to find another Pf69 now to make the one for each of the kids 🤣 Hopefully a great investment Next will be the 2017 piedfort it has eluded me twice now they say third times a charm
  6. Hello just wondered if anyone has one going spare- cheap as possible please PM with offers Many thanks
  7. Another stunner love the diversity in the designs year on year Nice close ups too
  8. Great coin gutted I snooze I will get one eventually great price well done @1817Karl
  9. Damn I couldnt get online in time great price 2nd one I have missed
  10. I would buy the bu too nice looking
  11. Please nobody bid I have been after this for ages Only joking a lovely coin and sure my opening bid will be a distant memory come tomorrow
  12. if only this was next year I would love the set in one go as other have said great collection shame to split
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