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  1. Looking for the latest in the Marvel series in capsule (must be in mint condition) - image below for reference. Let me know if you have one for sale and what price. Thank you.
  2. Looking to complete my collection of these coins. I'm after the following 2oz antiqued high relief coins. I prefer purchasing all of them at the same time, but open for individual offers: Apollo Ares Artemis Athena
  3. What an amazing achievement. Congratulations for the massive collection. It looks stunning! 🤩 - Alex
  4. Count me in. My entry will be a 2020 1oz Perth Mint Dragon Rectangular Coin/Bar Will post photo later.
  5. Can't advise on that. For me it wasn't an amazing experience, could be different for you. Just wanted to speak my mind on it.
  6. They do deliver, but be prepared to get a barrage of phone calls trying to coerce you to buy more expensive, soon-to-be-popular, collector's items. Also, the above mentioned credit check which (for me) dropped my score by a 6-30 points (depending on the credit agency). Could deal with the calls, but not the credit checks seeing as I didn't take out any credit product with them. And their reasons for doing credit checks are bogus and change depending on who you talk with.
  7. Looking for one of the above (either 1/20 or 1/10) . If you have one you're willing to part with let me know. Thanks, Alex
  8. ram64

    Sales Advice

    Hi, I would advise to read the quick guide for selling first: Other recommended reads are: And a recommended template here: Other than that, take good photos of all items you are selling. Check other prices online and try to offer a better offer if you want to sell fast. Provide good communication, post item on time, be clear of item conditions etc. If selling multiple items write down what you sold, how many and to whom in a notebook/excel spreadsheet as it's easier to keep track. Happy selling, Alex
  9. All dragon bars now sold. Remaining: 1x 1oz 2017 Silver Krugerrand Premium Uncirculated COA - £55 £49 reduced 1x 1oz 2020 Venom Marvel Series - £32 - in capsule mint condition 2x 1oz 1oz 2019 Krugerrand - £26.5 £25.5 each - I couldn't find any prices even close to this - capsules are slightly larger diameter, but tight fit
  10. 2019 and 2020 Sovs are now sold. Remaining coins are: 1907 Edward VII Full Sovereign - in capsule £390 5x 1992 1/10oz Gold Maple Leafs - bullion grade £179 each - 3 remaining (the ones in sealed flips now sold) 1975 10 Dutch Guilders Willem III - £340
  11. Good afternoon and welcome to the The Silver Forum! Enjoy your stay!
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