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  1. The Domain is your address (like www.thesilverforum.com). This needs to point to a server (host) which holds the files for your website. It doesn't really matter where you buy it from as most domains providers will offer you the basic functionality you would need to host it anywhere else. Price would be the main factor in choosing a domain provider. You can use https://www.domcomp.com/ to check prices and availability on multiple providers around the world for most of the TLDs out there. The Host is the server where you keep your files. This should be as close to your target audience location for least latency possible (e.g. if your target audience is in the UK buy a host which has server in the UK). Although this is mitigated somewhat through CDNs that act as a cache in places around the world. Most hosting providers will offer you some sort of site builder and a control panel to manage your host and location). Additionally, most hosting providers will give you a discount or some other benefit for buying both domain and hosting package from them. Judging by your requirements you need a site builder rather than doing it all yourself. If you don't have any past experience and try to code and setup a website from scratch yourself, it's unlikely that it will be fast & secure and a poor SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will downgrade your website in organic searches (e.g. on Google, Bing etc). I would recommend something like https://www.wix.com/. Most of the site building tools and interface are beginner friendly and you don't need to concern yourself with the underlying code. You can try the free option until you get the hang of it then upgrade to a paid plan later on once your site is built and you're happy with it. I would't recommend any of the other frameworks (Wordpress, Joomla etc) as they require a bit more work and knowledge about databases to set them up and the performance and SEO of your site will be highly dependent on the theme and plugins you use. Hope this helps. - Alex
  2. 2019 and 2020 Sovs are now sold. Remaining coins are: 1907 Edward VII Full Sovereign - in capsule £390 5x 1992 1/10oz Gold Maple Leafs - bullion grade £179 each - 3 remaining (the ones in sealed flips now sold) 1975 10 Dutch Guilders Willem III - £340
  3. Good afternoon and welcome to the The Silver Forum! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Will adjust prices if spot goes over £1565/oz 2020 Full Sovereign - Mint Condition in Capsule with COA and fancy flip SOLD 2019 Full Sovereign - Barely Noticeable Mark with COA and fancy flip SOLD 1907 Edward VII Full Sovereign - in capsule £395 £390 2x 2019 1/10oz Gold Britannia - mint condition in capsules from RM SOLD 5x 1992 1/10oz Gold Maple Leafs - bullion grade £179 each - 3 remaining (the ones in sealed flips now sold) 1975 10 Dutch Guilders Willem III - £349 £340 Prices do not include Postage. I will send more close-ups upon request. Thank you for looking. - Alex Interested in Silver? See my other listing here:
  5. 2oz White Horse of Hanover. I have 3 available (in capsules): SOLD (pending payment) - Coin with small mark on rim (barely visible) SOLD (pending payment) - 2x coins with small marks on Queen's neck (came like this from mint) one capsule is cracked 1x 1oz 2017 Silver Krugerrand Premium Uncirculated COA - £55 (the cheapest found online seems to be £75 at know UK dealer - without postage) 1x 1994 Fiji Coin - No COA - SOLD - this is 20g of 500 silver (slightly below current spot). 2x 1oz 2019 Dragon Bar $1 Perth Mint - £27.5 each - No capsules, bullion 2x 1x 1oz 2020 Dragon Bar $1 Perth Mint - £28 each - mint condition (capsule will be +£1) 2x 1oz 2019 Bottlenose Dolphin Perth Mint - SOLD - in capsules 2x 1oz 1oz 2019 Krugerrand - £26.5 each - capsules are slightly larger diameter, but tight fit 1x 1oz 2020 Venom Marvel Series - £32 - in capsule mint condition Will consider offers on some of the premium coins. Postage is to be added on top of the prices. Will provide close up photos on request. Thank you. - Alex Interested in gold? Some fractionals for sale here:
  6. Selling some gold bits: 3x 1992 1/10 Oz Canadian Maples - Bullion Grade (they light makes them look worse in the photos than they actually look in real life) £178 each (+£1 if you want a 17mm capsule) 1x 2020 Gold Sovereign - Brand new, in Capsule with COA and fancy flip - £379 Prices do not include postage. Thank you for looking.
  7. To add to what ByB mentioned above, your parcel will more than likely go through a scanning machine which will pick up easily what's inside. PMs have a density higher than most common materials and will easily show up on X-Ray scanners and similar machines so it would be hard to conceal if that's what you're considering. And I concur with your parcel being opened for inspection, I had a number of international parcels visibly opened and labeled as opened by customs to check the contents against the custom's declaration.
  8. Hi, VAT is paid upon purchase and you shouldn't have to pay any additional VAT or taxes on purchases made from the likes of EuropeanMint, GoldSilver.be, CoinInvest (SilverToGo). VAT will be applied and displayed on the order summary when you make a purchase, if this is applicable. Most of the Silver you buy from the above-mentioned sites will be VAT free (except some items on CoinInvest from my experience. VAT is still payable on non-PM items (capsules, boxes, delivery etc). 1. As mentioned before, you will see what VAT is payable at the time of purchase and you will pay it then (if any). The price question is a bit trickier. Whilst you might get a cheap price at one dealer, the delivery fees are quite steep (silver is heavy and insurance is expensive) and vary from dealer to dealer and depend on country of delivery. You'd have to make a judgment based on how much you plan to buy. As a tip: always have the display price in Euro for most of the EU dealers - price in £, $ or any other currency might add significant premium to the items when comparing the converted value in Euro. 2. If you order from outside the EU, there will be VAT and possibly import fees (depending on item). Plus shipping would be significantly more expensive I imagine. I would personally stick with EU based dealers at least in the beginning. 3. (alternative) Buy from the forum here. Lots of great deals going on and some sellers will ship internationally. Having a premium membership will help as most good deals are completed within a few hours of listing. Also, come 1st of January 2021 there might be some different rules on shipping. I bought so far from all the dealers mentioned in the first paragraph. I paid VAT only on accessories (non-precious metals) and some coins on CoinInvest which weren't classed as VAT-free. VAT was paid at the time of purchase. Payment is another thing to look out for, most dealers will ask for Bank Transfer. Use Revolut or TransferWise to transfer to them with low/zero fees straight in EURO. PayPal is often an option but you'll most likely have to pay the commission (3-4%) which isn't worth it. Same to payments with CC or Crypto. There's a group order done by @BackyardBullion every now and then which saves on delivery fees, but I wouldn't think it would benefit you so much as delivery to Romania would cost more than UK delivery. Tip: Follow him on YouTube, his channel has some great and well balanced content. Overall I suggest starting with relatively small amount from one dealer to try it out see how comfortable you are with it and see how the delivery process goes (DHL/UPS which most dealers use will deliver to Romania). Eventually, if you know someone else locally that's interested in buying group up, buy in larger quantities and save on delivery. Lastly, feel free to browse around the forum, it's full of useful information and there are some raffles now and then where you can win some shiny stuff. Hope this gives you some clarifications, but feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. - Alex
  9. I don't know how others did it, but my method was like so (I engineered the s**t out of this): 1. Measure the dimensions of a pellet with a ruler. 2. Calculate approximate volume of pellet as a Conical Frustum. 3. Measure the dimensions of the jar (only the filled part). 4. Calculate volume of jar as a cylinder. 5. Divide calculated jar volume by pellet volume and round it up to the nearest integer. I'm actually amazed I got that close 😂
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