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  1. Yes thank you @ChrisSIlver. The first sentence is misleading. I am looking for a valuation. regards
  2. Hi all, sorry if wrong place to post. Can't see where else. I am looking at selling my 1994 Chinese Dragon & Phoenix Bimetallic 10Y. Recently NGC graded PF69 Ultra Cameo. I know the market isn't what is was a few years back but what's it worth? thanks in advance
  3. Thanks all. Looks like I got a decision to make. regards
  4. @HelpingHands hi. I posted it on the photos only forum but will post here too. Thanks
  5. Ok thanks. I did see Numistacker and have joined the Facebook page but will watch some videos. thanks
  6. Hi, please pardon my ignorance and no offence to anyone here. Thinking of getting a coin NGC checked. I live in the north of Scotland. Where is the best place to have a coin checked/graded. Do they clean / prepare coins before sealing etc. I'm guessing a lot of you have had coins done in the UK. Does it make a coin a lot more desiresble and valuable or does it all depend on the grading result ie is it worth getting done or am I as well selling as is? Thanks
  7. So if they mention the weight, could they just compensate for the metal weight value?
  8. Thanks all. Inhad looked at Parcelforce but turns out I was in the business account section cos it was saying insurance was £4.50 for every £100 to insure up to £2500. Which I thought was pretty steep
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