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  1. Thank you both for telling me this. I ordered 2 books for me and my friend. Now once it arrives I can start to make the video.
  2. Hi, I plan to make a video about the gold sovereign specifically the early sovereigns (1817-1837). I have all the types and a proper camera setup for the gold coins however I am lacking in historical documents and sources for the history of the gold sovereign. I do not have a Michael A Marsh book and I am waiting to purchase one if it comes out. If anyone is able to help may they provide me with online sources to the history of the gold sovereign or anywhere that allows me to purchase books that discusses the subject.
  3. Will post pics shortly when they are available.
  4. Well lads, the grade of the coin is out from PCGS. The final grade is MS61.
  5. PCGS PR66CAM, 2nd highest grade.
  6. Well PCGS has just received my gold coin. Grades should be out next month.
  7. My first gold coin was a damaged 1817 sovereign.
  8. Lemme show you some photos first. Shoot me an offer if you may. Also I am located in BC.
  9. Here are some of the highlights of the last purchase. 1865 UK and Australia sovs.
  10. Well it was a bulk deal and my LCS knows the value of this coin but he decided to sell it cheap as long I promise not to resell it (have no intention to anyways). I also bought other sovereigns as well. 1821 x 2 1825 x 1 1832 x 1 1865 & 66 Australia sovereign 1865 shieldback sov in BU condition.
  11. I paid around 700 USD from a legit coin shop.
  12. Get it graded first, even if it is a details coin it is still worth a pretty penny.
  13. I actually have them if you are still interested.
  14. My coin shop just sold me an amazing 1817 sovereign for a killer of a price. Currently at PCGS for grading, can't wait to see the results.
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