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  1. Well PCGS finally finished processing the image, here is my coin in its full glory.
  2. Yeah I think it is a type b coin due to the KM number being 16.1. I will try to take better pics later.
  3. I would say it is more yellowish composition with a tint of red I think.
  4. Luckily enough, I did get it tested through an XRF machine before I sent it in for grading and I remember the composition. Au: 75% Ag: 15% Cu: 10%
  5. Yeah it is definitely one of the most beautiful coins I have ever seen. I have been on the hunt for one for ages and I was prepared to pay heavily for an example which is why I was glad to find one that cheap.
  6. About a month ago I was looking through a coin shop's scrap gold bin when I found a beautiful 1916 T German East Africa 15 Rupien just sitting there. I bought the coin for 650 CAD (370 GBP) and I subbed the coin to PCGS and they just returned the coin to me as Genuine UNC details bent. While the details grade is kinda a heartbreak, for the price I paid I still scored a very rare and highly coveted gold coin with a rich history. In 1916 during the height of the Great War, in order to pay for the local Askaris troops under the legendary general Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck (seriously read his story, it is amazing), it was decided to mint a gold coin. This was made possible by the establishment of a temporary mint in a train carriage in Tabora, Tanzania and the gold was sourced from a local gold mine still in operation. The coin was minted under siege conditions as the British was attacking Tabora at the time, and after the capitulation of Tabora the coins quickly disappeared as they were soon perceived as valuable. These coins, also known as Tabora Pound, has a elephant in the reverse and the date 1916. The T mint mark is for Tabora and the obverse shows a crudely made German Empire Eagle with the legends Deutsche Ostafrika (German East Africa) and the denomination (15 Rupien).
  7. Oh yes I know that news and I know the owner as well. Don't worry this coin is not part of the stolen lot and I think Joe did recover the stolen goods.
  8. Early this year I found a place that was selling a raw 1798 Guinea for around 1250 CAD (720 GBP) and I bought it due to the amazing luster and strike of the coin. Recently I subbed this coin to PCGS for grading and the grade came back MS63. Needless to say I am very surprised and happy about the result along with my MS61 1817 Sovereign.
  9. It really depends. Anything AU/MS you are looking over 1K but you can find them between 700~800 dollars
  10. 1880 is the key date of the series and if real is worth a pretty penny.
  11. Before 1949, Newfoundland was an colony of the British Empire independent of the Dominion of Canada. As a result of that, Newfoundland issued their own unique coinage system. The highest denomination of the Newfoundland coinage was a 2 dollar gold coin issued between 1865 till 1888. While less than 100,000 coins were minted throughout the whole series they were widely used throughout Newfoundland and Eastern Canada until the collapse of the Newfoundland banking system of 1894 and later WW1 which resulted in many being melted down. 44 The coin I own is a 1882 H 2 dollar gold, while it has the highest mintage of 25,000. It is also the only Heaton Mint 2 Dollar gold and one of the few gold coins issued by the famous mint.
  12. Here is a massive lot of Libertads for sale. 34x 2011. 1x 1983. 1x 1995. Price is 40 USD per coin plus shipping. Also have 2020 1 oz Platinum Britannia's for sale. Price is 1300 USD per coin plus shipping. Payment options: -Transferwise (Preferred)*, PPFF (buyer will be charged by Paypal 5% up to $4.99)*, PPGS + 3.7%+ 30 cents USD, and Interac e-Transfer (Canadians) NO COMMENTS IN PAYPAL, please. Shipping Policy: Shipping is a flat 15 USD with tracked pack. -Once I leave it with Canada Post and USPS, I have no responsibility for the package.
  13. I recently found this coin from the junk bin at my LCS. I purchased it at spot since I find it pretty neat since it is not common to find love tokens made with gold. Luckily it is made with a common 1892 M sovereign instead with a rare one.
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