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    I like to collect 1 oz series bullion coins that are of 999 purity, not into to many of the premium high cost collectibles. love to collect many different designs rather than the same designs with different years.

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  1. 10oz Silver Britannia Bars Wanted am after about 2 to 4 happy to pay 300 each posted. Anyone willing to part with a few?
  2. Gold is up. This price is locked in. 4 offers to trade. 3 offers for less money. Anyone want this for the asking price?
  3. 25 1 Gram pamp gold bars delivered by special delivery (insured) for £1200 (Pending Sale) Can be sent out in the afternoon to be delivered the next day Thanks for viewing
  4. As the title suggests 2021 sovereigns in capsule.....really clean (SOLD) £315 each plus post if you buy all 3 I will pay for special delivery Any postage method is fine for singles but anything other than Special delivery is at your own risk. Thanks for viweing
  5. hello there i have these 2 still available if you would like them......sending a pm for payment details
  6. sure i can do that posted via Special Delivery covered up to £2500 this one is much nicer that the last one the last set.... the spider man was smaller than all others, a couple were hollow and the cooling pools where a bit wild. these all look great will pm now
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