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    I like to collect 1 oz series bullion coins that are of 999 purity, not into to many of the premium high cost collectibles. love to collect many different designs rather than the same designs with different years.

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  1. Bullion grade handled George soverigns in capsules. 19 Available (15 Left) £315 each. Buy 5 and I will pay for special delivery. Post office is shut on Saturday so will be posted Monday afternoon if bought at the weekend. Happy to take individual photos if you are intrested in specific ones. Years are: 1911 (x4) 1912 (×3) 1913 (x2) 1914 (x1) (SOLD) 1927 (x1) 1928 (x2) 1931 (x3) 1932 (x1) (SOLD) I find it hard to read the mint marks with out a lens but I believe the earlier years are london and 1927 to 1932 are South African Deliver
  2. Gold Soverigns in caps The years are 1911,1911,1923,1925,1925 In uncirculated bullion condion £315 each plus post £310 each If all are bought together i will pay for the special delivery postage
  3. As the title suggests these are in bullion condition (handled) in capsules The years are 1913,1913,1928,1928,1929,1931 £315 each plus post If all are bought together i will pay for the special delivery postage (Sent monday post office is closed Saturday)
  4. 1995 Seychelles Gold 100 Rupees 7.776g proof coin in capsule .583 Gold Content.....£5 Under Spot Price £176 (one prong holding it in place broken, pretty clean but sold as bullion) 1996 Gambia 150 Dalasis Gold Proof Coin In Capsule 7.776g .583 Content 3 kings.....£5 Under Spot Price £176 (pretty clean but sold in bullion condition) 1913 sovereign (SOLD)(very tarnished sold in bullion condition) Only sending via special delivery. Buy remaining 2 will pay for it. Thanks for the interest
  5. How nice would this look on display at your home?
  6. Thank you I snapped this one up
  7. Purely on here at the moment but I may try other places in the future. Wouldnt be the worst thing if they didn't sell 😁
  8. Thank you, had offers to break them up as you can see. But I agree it would be a shame to. Is a lovely set. Maybe I should have waited until the end of the month when people are paid
  9. As the title suggests hit me up with what you have that you are willing to part with. Would like a few. Wouldnt pay over this range. Would preferably like them on the cheaper side (who wouldnt 😃)
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