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    I like to collect 1 oz series bullion coins that are of 999 purity, not into to many of the premium high cost collectibles. love to collect many different designs rather than the same designs with different years.

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  1. Wahoo thanks @RoslandGold @ChrisSilver a nice start to the day. I only own one gold item. A recent purchase this would make a nice little brother. 😁
  2. Are these still £750 each I will take the 3 if there are
  3. 2015 31.1g 999 silver pandas £25 each. (56 available) some have small toning one edge, bought from a reputable bullion dealer. **SOLD** Full set of koalas in wooden case. This has room for 2 more trays of 20 inside. All 14 coins free of milking and toning. £425 Delivery to be added Payment via bank transfer preferred. but paypal f&f is fine. can add 3.4% for G&S I recommend going for Special Delivery, as it would be insured. But any delivery method is fine but at your own risk. Thanks for your time viewing
  4. Welcome @Jackflash123 glad you like it. Welcome fellow ebayer to the forum
  5. Bart Simpson from roll £28 £550 for a Roll of 20 Star wars Mythosaur Mandalorian fresh from tube £29 £560 for a Tube of 20 Full set of Koalas Great condition in a huge case that can fit 2 more trays £500 10 Royal Mint - Solomon Island 999 war planes and legendary ships....3 x ships have 25k Mintage 7 x planes have 10k mintage all come with Coas. some have slight toning really good condition for age.....most are 15 years old (there is a gold plated version of these so i always wondered if these were stripped as the slight toning is goldish....but coas dont state it?) £2
  6. Welcome @internationalstacker good to see you on the forum. Love your vids. Very informative. Chilled and entertaining. Glad to have you here with us. Happy stacking
  7. £29 Each Many Available.....Fresh from a tube handled with gloves (without capsule) Payment via bank transfer or Paypal F&F, G&S may be used if 3.5% is added. I recommened going for Special Delivery, as it is insured up to the value of £500. But any delivery method is fine but at your own risk. thanks for looking Product Details Star Wars: The Mandalorian Mythosaur coin is brought to life as a genuine 1 oz Silver bullion coin of .999 fine purity! Its official currency face value is backed by the sovereign government of Niue. Coin Highlights:
  8. gotta keep it fresh 😀 Added 0 minutes later... and the dragon bars
  9. 12 more sold.....Thanks. found the sweet spot on the pricing now
  10. i did have the 2 complete sets but i sold off the ones that were milky and heavily tarnished for near spot price
  11. i have them shown in the pictures above but i will send you some better pictures via Pm as to which ones they are
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