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  1. SiliconToad

    I'm new, help

    One thing that might help you decide how to spend your money is to take a moment to consider what you want out of your silver purchases. For example, I look at silver as a collecting hobby with a possible (but not necessary) upside. I gravitate toward collecting one of a number of national bullion coins, encapsulating them, and rotating them though my display case and desk. I also buy the occasional proof coin that speaks to me. Cheap silver (relatively speaking) and variety are my jam. Define your own goals and that will constrain your purchase decisions - any you will enjoy your stack all the more!
  2. Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Five and One Ounce Proof Silver Dollars from the US Mint.
  3. Going prices are pretty crazy right now, changing all the time. However, I've noticed the going price for this coin ungraded in mint packaging seem to be the same as a MS69 slabbed coin. Ungraded gets more than a MS68. Don't think it worth the hassle if one is in it for a quick flip. That might change once the craziness dies down.
  4. I think there is a real collectors market out there for it. And anyone buying these would be silly to sell them to a dealer for $100 or whatever the bounty was - There are sold auctions on ebay for > 10x the mint price. The big problem was making it fair for folks who wanted to get one. I feel they should have made the coins available via a lottery system for private individuals only. Folks will still be disappointed, but at least they won't feel cheated. Speaking for myself, my kids will have to figure out what to do with it after I pass. I'm keeping it.
  5. Sure thing. ASEs are my preferred bullion. It's one of the few silver items that my friends will trade stuff for. I guess that familiarity is worth something.
  6. 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle. I was one of the few that managed to get an order though during the launch madness. It's my new favorite.
  7. After taking premiums into account, there are very few windows in the last ten years where are person could break even on the principle spent bullion silver. Rather, its much more likely one would take a significant haircut on a dollar (or pound) basis, saying nothing about inflationary purchase power loss. Best not to dwell on such things and just admire the silvery gleam.
  8. A cheap wood chisel is the best way I've found to open capsules big or small. Fantastic control, an edge that can fit in the smallest seams and plenty sturdy to slow twist around the capsule edge to open without damage.
  9. My understanding is that somewhere between 1-2% of the total above-ground gold supply is mined each year. The numbers can vary based on the source, but something like 3000 tonnes are mined in a given year that is added to a 190,000 tonne supply. Given that gold has less industrial use than other precious meals, what is mined is largely still available. So it seems to me there should be a downward price pressure from the addition to supply over time (say 1-2% per year), but I don't really see anyone talking about this so there must be something else at play here. Does anyone here have thoughts on this?
  10. For you, that's true. But it is a collection hobby for lots of folks, myself included. For example, I collect one oz of each of government silver bullion coins. ASE, maple, Britannia, Krugerrand, etc. - don't really want more than one. And then there are cool silver series, like the Dragons rounds from Provident or the Queens Beast 10 oz cons from the Royal mint. The point is people chase the shiny for different reasons, none of them right or wrong.
  11. SiliconToad

    Coin capsules:

    The 10 oz Maples are 76.2 mm, so an Air-Tite Z10 Direct Fit capsule (76.8 mm) should work for it. I've linked to an ebay auction here for reference.
  12. SiliconToad

    How Low

    When people are selling in disgust at the low prices, that's the time to add to your holdings. When fear drives panic buying, that's the time sell off the stack.
  13. Collectors collect things for a variety of reasons, usually to feel good in my opinion. I also think it's really no different for gold/silver collectors or stackers. They just have financial elements, right or wrong, entwined in the emotion. Honestly, imho, gold and silver have no more tangible value than any other durable, rare good in today's day and age. Rather, its about the warm and fuzzy feelings rooted in one's worldview that these metals reflect back toward the person who systematically acquires them.
  14. I like the copper rounds that match my silver rounds. For example, just ordered the 5 oz aztec calendar and 5 oz copper version for a really nice contrast in the display. TBH, its less about metal stacking and more about creating a profitable product that can leverage current minting infrastructure. The melting characteristics and mass of copper (not to mention abundance/price) make it a natural choice to add an extra $1 premium for a matching silver product. Fair enough - I like 'em. But if I were looking for purely industrial metals to stack, I'd consider the (less-toxic, more stable) rare earth elements. Been thinking of picking up some Hafnium, decent play on the nuclear and semiconductor markets, but in reality I'd just like the looks of it among my other metals.
  15. If you are inclined, OP, it would be interesting to hear how you made out moving 10k oz of silver once you've got it all settled. Folks talk quite a bit online and on youtube about exit strategies, but there is little commentary from people who have actually done it at scale. I think it would be interesting and a useful experience to learn from.
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