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  1. It started for me with a notion that I wanted to own something recovered from a ship wreck. I picked up this coin and then learned about the process of grading (through this forum) and subsequently submitted it. So this was both my first coin purchase and first coin sent for grading. Since then it has grown (in a good way) and I enjoy collecting a wide variety of coins for a whole host of different reasons. Note: My wallet disagrees! Just to add- The reason for this particular coin / ship wreck - Well the boat (Douro) sank on my birthday so I took this as a sign that this was the right coin to purchase.
  2. No - I don't think it affects your ebay guarantee. He may even have have had his account suspended / terminated by ebay.
  3. Looks like Elvis has left the building...Hope you get it sorted without too much hassle
  4. I have a small selection of hammered silver coins. I like to collect the continental imitations/ contemporary forgeries (from the likes of Gaucher de Chatillon / Valeran II of Ligny etc..- I find it quite an interesting sub-category . Also like the 'Tealby' type pennies - renowned for their poor strike quality but have a great cross and crosslets obverse design. Just pic them up as and when I come across them. Sorry for pic quality in advance.
  5. Welcome to the forum @Clinkstreet From the image you posted - it does look like the J.E.B has been double struck. Examples below show similar aged (1887) coins with the same obverse design that also have an over struck J.E.B. So it did happen on coins of this age although I could not find a reference of this on a Half Crown. Links to coins shown below: https://thecoinery.co.uk/product/1887-crown-jeb-jeb-on-truncation-victoria-good-extremely-fine/ https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=125&searchlot=1169&searchtype=2 Hope it helps.
  6. Like busses - My Atkinsons "lucky dip' bullion sovs turned up today (took a while) along with my 1oz gold and silver Una & the Lion bars from RM. Lucky dip consisted of 2X 2014 (as minted) , 1X 1902 Edward VII (ok-worn-ex jewellery), and an ok 1931 George V.
  7. Gold and Silver 1 oz arrived today. Pic of the gold attached. Happy with them - quick delivery from the RM as well.
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