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  1. I'm feeling so much FOMO at these silver prices, but, since I cant buy physical silver close to spot anywhere, I've managed not to spend this month (apart from buying the last world of dragons Egyptian round). I've been down about 30% on income these last few weeks, so that's all stacking/saving income gone for quite a while I think as we go into full lockdown at the end of this week.
  2. Well I dont have a SD box, but I have emptied the last bit of cash I had in my ISA to hold as cash. I literally only have enough in the bank to cover direct debits etc until payday.
  3. Aww man, I've already spent my allowance on silver brits and eagles this month. These look great 🙈 I'll try and be more patient next month 😳
  4. Not as sexy as the gold above, but a nice tube of BU 2016 Brits courtesy of @silversky 👍
  5. People are entitled to be wrong 🤣 As for banking issues etc mentioned above, these 'outages' are all planned tests. When the crash happens, we will see an instant 'bank holiday' when they reopen and markets reopen the next day, and if the crash continues (and it will because confidence will have collapsed) we could see several weeks of 'bank holiday'. Meantime cash machines will be empty and online transactions unavailable. They can, and will, switch the system off. Be ready for the bail-in, when the banks take 30, 40, 50% or more of your deposits.
  6. Happy new year y'all. This year I plan to try and behave, and stick to stacking full tubes, and to stop collecting so many random shiny coins just because I like them. Exception; the world of Dragons set, and I'll also continue till the end of the Queens Beasts series.
  7. I havent watched the video above, but anyone who understands derivatives, understands the massive hole that DB is in. All the banks are incestously linked. When DB goes, they will all go. 😥
  8. I'm really concerned because I too fear those numbers may be correct. That world is gonna be a terrible place to be living in. Any roaring in these 20's will be the noise of the rioters
  9. Your hypocrisy test doesnt stand up. Everything they were told was a lie, and everything the Yes campaigners said has turned out true. Nicola wouldnt need another referendum, because they'd be proven right that Boris would be PM and that the rest of the UK would destroy itself trying to leave the EU. Scotland was told a No vote was the only way to remain in Europe. That was clearly a lie. Scotland voted massively in favour of REMAIN and are now being dragged out because its larger neighbour wants to go. Scotland was told the likelihood of Boris Johnson or his like being the next prime minister was as ridiculous as saying Donald Trump could become the US president. Scotland was told to lead the family of nations, then EVEL came along and stops Scottish MPs voting on matters that the House Speaker decides they shouldnt get a vote on. English Welsh and Irish MPs however continue to vote on matters that only really affect Scotland. Why the 2nd class status for Scottish MPs? Last week the SNP took 80% of the 59 seats in Scotland. To match that the Conservatives would need to have taken 520 of the 650 total seats at Westminster and not the 365 they did win. Their vote share continues to increase to historic all time highs. You said you were happy for the Scottish to decide for themselves, but they are repeatedly told by the PM he wont 'allow' it, just as his predecessor did. You dont need permission to get a divorce, and frankly any man or woman who was controlled by their partner in such a way would recognise that as an abusive relationship, not a healthy one. Why should the Scots need permission to leave? That's not what the Treaty of the Union says should be the case. The fact that you single out Nicola Sturgeon suggests you believe it's a 1 woman mission and not the will of Scottish people. 1.2million votes last week suggest otherwise. You dont see it on the BBC much, but you can see on their social media channels, that tens and hundreds of thousands of them march in cities and big towns to be seen. If the tories wont even support a poor person in a council house having a spare bedroom, why should we believe they would subsidise an entire country who are apparently spongers enjoying their free education, free healthcare, prescriptions, personal care for the elderly/disabled etc. It doesnt add up. I believe Scotland pays in to the union way more than it gets back out and thats why they are 'imprisoning the nation' as you so succinctly put it.
  10. That's total nonsense fella, a huge chunk of the SNPs members are English or have English family. Surely only a rampant British Nationalist could try and push that falsehood. This newspaper article is the sort of thing most experience. I can honestly say that I've received terrible grief for being a Jock in England in the past, but never for being English in Scotland. There will be anti-English folk in Scotland, no doubt, there are racists everywhere, and plenty of anti-Scots in the UK too.
  11. Scuzzle, we are in the EU right now and have voted in favour of over 95% of EU laws. The list of powers held at Westminster dwarfs that of the devolved Gov't. Also, SNP policy is to re-establish their own currency within a year or two of an independence vote. I cant remember the source (probably twitter or facebook then), but it was quite recent. The Euro, and indeed the EU, is a sinking ship, but then, so is China, and so is America. Scotland might be better doing the Norway type thing where they are half in, half out, although to me that's less democratic than being in and having a vote.
  12. So the tories, who wouldnt even subsidise a spare bedroom in a council house, or a prescription for someone sick or dying, are generously subsidising all of Scotland? Pretty unlikely I think. London might be alright but the north get a lot of their power, and water, from Scotland. Steve, the Scots make their own choices, and that's why they dont pay for prescriptions or education (higher earners pay slightly more tax though and lower earners pay slightly less) . Lots of hate and accusing Scots of being sponges, and our papers, owned by billionaires btw, tell us so. The Scottish half of me cant believe Scotland didnt overwhelmingly vote for independence, while the Yorkshire half wishes my scottish blood well. Of course, Scotland doesnt get the govt in London it votes for. If you google it, they almost always get what England votes for. The brexit leave/remain map is worth a look too. 100 Percent of their areas voted Remain, but because England narrowly voted Leave, they have to leave. I'm with Scotland on that too. I wish the SNP stood in England too, although Labour under Corbyn looks to be copying their policies in this election. Theres always the Yorkshire Party I suppose. As for 'Londons' money propping up Wales, more is spent on London, per person, than anywhere else in the UK. Rail investment for example, is seven times higher, per person, than in Yorkshire. No party has it 100% right, but I'd rather be governed by the Yorkshire party in England, or the SNP in Scotland. I dare you to look at their websites and tell me it's all bad.
  13. A UK vote would be interesting, but they dont need Britains permission to leave, just like the UK doesnt need EU permission to leave
  14. Ah, but it all seemed to be about putting down the northerners, and especially the leader of their govt. I didnt see much about the union. If we are really subsidising scottish education and health services (which I dont actually believe) then why did all the british political class beg them to stay? If they really are such an economic basket case, why would British politicians giving them billions? They keep voting for the SNP anyway so its not like Labour or the Conservatives are losing votes? Could it be their oil, and water, and electricity that we import that they want to keep hold of, fornthenwhole UK to benefit from?
  15. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being English. At all. Or Welsh, Scottish or Irish for that matter.
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