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    My stack is 50:50 gold:silver (By price, not by weight unfortunately 😂)
    Mainly stacking QBs, Brits and sovs just now, and always picking up anything I see that has a dragon on it.
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    Queens Beasts silver
    World or Dragons silver & copper

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  1. Tiny lifeboat issue 1/4 sov care of Harrington & Byrne Excuse the appearance of artifacts, its the photographer, not the coin, I can never get a good close up photo as others on semnto manage 😄
  2. Good price on these, they were £375 + postage from Eire when new, when gold spot was lower than at present 👍
  3. Me too. Was excited for a second thinking I was going to see a truly massive sov stack 🤣
  4. Afraid not. It was a 7 day offer, ended on the 16th or 17th I think.
  5. It's 20% off of the premium only, so that really sweet discount is suddenly quite small, though it might bring their prices in line with some of the other dealers in the UK.
  6. I realise I didnt take any photos opened, so a bit pointless sorry, but bought this to split with a friend, possibly our last silver stack for quite some time as focus post-brexit will shift to gold. 2 10oz QB White Lions 2 tubes 2oz QB Greyhounds 2 tubes 1oz 2021 Britannias Ordered from gs.be on Friday, dispatched on Monday and yeah, I was very nervous about the shipping with the borders closed but it was no issue and arrived Wednesday. Phew!
  7. Nice little dragon collection getting going there. This dragon wholeheartedly approves. If you can, you should pick up the double/figure 8 capsule for those 2 Fafnirs 😍
  8. These 2 ladies arrived from the Irish Central Bank today. Votes for women centenary and Proclamation of the Irish Republic centenary.
  9. I placed an order, with a debit card, for the 3x 1g gold ingots to be given as Christmas gifts to family members. I failed the credit check. Turns out my autocomplete software had put my middle name in the surname box. They had failed to find a credit score for this mythical person at my address. I gave it up as a waste of time rather than update it and let them do a hard credit search on my file. It was only for £151 paid on a debit card after all. Harrington & Byrne now have an order for 4 quarter sovereigns at £99 each instead. I'll be keeping the 4th for myself, but probabl
  10. Quite the discussion on this that I've missed. I've had royal mint products from Atkinsons in the UK, and EU-Mint that spotted. It may have arrived that way, but i tend to just peek under the lid, stick a label on the lid then fire it off into the vault. I had a 10oz QB capsule arrive cracked from a group order, was going to buy a new one, saw that they were 10bucks each and decided to leave it in the cracked capsule 😁. It's in the vault now so I probably won't see it for years again anyway. I've also got Maples that spotted on both sides and philharmonics that spotted badly on the rims t
  11. The 2020 Dunkirk anniversary proof quarter sovereign is also available for £99 at Harrington&Byrne
  12. On the H&B letter is a reference number. Put that in the search box and it'll come up at the correct price.
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