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  1. I got in on this too, silly not to! I think it was much better for deals 2 years or so ago... I remember many more promotions of 10-20% off direct with ebay too. I think they must have stopped it for the coin category.
  2. Previously posted that I was considering this coin for grading with COTR, received this back from them today 👍 Doesn't always happen but think this is one of those occasions where slabbing has increased resale value 2x
  3. Interesting thread all round really, I don't agree with a few posts who say you won't be able to get back that premium when you sell it. I'd say that would very much depend on where you intend to sell it. You may not get back all your premium but I reckon a Buffalo posted on here priced reasonably under what is available elsewhere, you would recover the majority of it.
  4. Just under £1400, Gold was about £1315/oz at the time
  5. I got mine from Sharps Pixley a couple months back @James32 - its a random date, they sent me 2019, the rarest year- although hardly any effect on premium I would think tbh https://www.sharpspixley.com/buy-bullion/buy-gold/buy-coins/1oz-gold-buffalo-gold-coin £1383 delivered
  6. 1930-A Graf Zeppelin 5 Mark (think its good enough to grade - certainly compared to examples on ebay!)
  7. Graf Zeppelin Silver 5 Reichsmark, always wanted this coin. Picked this up for a really decent price and hoping this is a gradeable pickup when it arrives Few nicks on the date on zep side but i'm seeing slabbed ms63s in much worse condition.
  8. This one is $510 for an AU (Ignore the stock pic... probably grades about the same as the one RM would send) https://www.apmex.com/product/19079/1926-2-50-indian-gold-quarter-eagle-au No VAT on importing investment gold.. only fee besides the shipping is possible customs fee but i've never got hit with that when using apmex. Apmex know how to send goods too so you shouldn't get stung you would just have to sign a form when contacted by HM customs to declare it as investment gold. Just don't mix silver/gold if you do order!
  9. Way over priced for me. Might as well order direct from Apmex in the US - £370 + shipping & customs fees reckon you could save £100
  10. Honestly think if I was in the US and had stacked a decent quantity of ASE's now would be the time to offload them. You could probably turn 500oz's into 550oz by buying Brits or Phils.
  11. Yeah! I'd always buy the coin of your country first if the premiums were no worse than any other coin but from viewing a few US youtube videos it seems with the premiums over there that you would get 10oz of Brits and 9oz ASE's for the same price. Is there anywhere which has tracked premiums over a period of say 5-10 years? Would be very interesting to see. $13 premium is crazy, it always used to be $3-4 over spot.
  12. When I first started stacking 10 years ago Brits & Pandas were the coins with the highest premiums and ASE's one of the cheaper ones. Amazing how trends can change over time.
  13. On customs forms when needing to declare contents I just put - Numismatic hobby supplies or numismatic item and never had an issue I also say this to any PO staff and 95% of them just stare blankly at me as they haven't got a clue what that is. My very first sale of coins didn't go so well when the the PO counter staff declared loudly to a packed post office after I told her...... ' OH, SO YOU SELL COINS THEN, THAT'S NEAT!!' 🤦‍♂️
  14. Yep, I like to think i'm pretty savvy about scammers but I had my 'bank' phone me up to say there were unauthorized credit card spends. Wasn't until they started asking for my mobile phone number so they could 'check it was me' that alarm bells started ringing since I don't use a phone for anything other than 2FA. Complete tossers. More power to people who scam the scammers.
  15. My first addition since 2019 amazingly (got hooked on crypto, the shiny has brought me back...huzzah!) 2019 1 oz Gold Buffalo, amazing how my camera washes out the gold from the picture... this thing is really gold as opposed to the modern coppery sovereign! I think my favourite bullion gold coin.
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