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  1. £262.50 (Inc VAT) For a Britannia 2018 UK Quarter-Ounce Platinum proof coin in the Royal Mint's Black Friday 'sale'.
  2. Bumpage and price reductions - grab them while they are hot! 😁 Take both for £870 delivered or: The Black Bull of Clarence - £440 inc rmsd The Yale of Beaufort - £440 inc rmsd
  3. Up for sale is my final QB quarter. 2016 - The Lion of England - Asking £470 £460 inc rmsd and the snazzy Atkinsons box Thanks for looking SovUK
  4. Good morning, As I've decided not to collect this series I'm offering up the final beasty. Coin direct from bullionbypost - never been out of the capsule. Asking for £440 including rmsd Thanks for looking SovUK
  5. Payday bump bundle deal for the final 2 coins 😇 Take both for £885 delivered or: The Black Bull of Clarence - £450 inc rmsd The Yale of Beaufort - £450 inc rmsd Love & light SovUK
  6. All coins sold last week have arrived at their new homes 😁 So... prices dropped again! - special delivery still included in the price
  7. Yes list is up to date. PM me for more details
  8. Good morning, I have decided to let my QB quarters go to a better home. All are in good bullion condition - no scratches, marks or dings. I will take individual pictures out of the caps if requested 2016 - The Lion of England - £480 inc rmsd 2017 - The Griffin of Edward III - £480 £470 inc rmsd 2017 - The Red Dragon of Wales - £480 £460 inc rmsd 2018 - The Unicorn of Scotland - £480 £460 inc rmsd 2018 - The Black Bull of Clarence - £470 £450 inc rmsd 2019 - The Falcon of the Plantagenets - £460 £455 inc rmsd 2019 - The Yale of Beaufort - £460 £450 inc rmsd 2019 - The Wh
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