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    Caratacus got a reaction from Toshunya86 in 20 Franc Coins Of The LMU   
    What a useful summary. Interesting that the Papal States immediately debased silver coinage and that exploitative trading was such a big issue! 
    I wonder how long the Euro will last as it is debased by QE (I noticed that they have restarted it on 1st November). I believe that its something like $3trillion currently
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    Caratacus got a reaction from Cointreau in Today I Received.....   
    Thank you for showing these. Very interesting particularly the Brass ingot
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    Caratacus reacted to sixgun in Does the recent price dip confirm....   
    Well we are told silver is not money, it is an industrial metal - but i will return to the fact, XAG is a currency which is traded in $billions and $billions and the BIS which manages currency crosses is very active in this market. We only need to see import/export figures and the amount of silver on the Shanghai Gold Exchange to see silver is not viewed simply as something to make iphones with in Asia. 
    Now i agree it would be extremely important for a country to stack silver - it is a strategic asset but central banks don't stack something for fun or tradition (despite what Ben Bernake might say to Congress)- they stack it b/c they view it as money. When the USD collapses - that day is very fast approaching - it will be the people in the Kremlin and Beijing who decide and if they view silver as money then it will be money whatever anyone here thinks. That gold is seen as 'more important' doesn't matter - a £50 note is more important than a £5 note but they are both viewed as 'money'. 

    i very much doubt the majority of silver stackers are gambling on the Russians and Chinese coming to the rescue. i suspect few of us are thinking on the lines i am. But how i think and how the average stacker thinks doesn't matter b/c they won't make any difference to the outcome.
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    Caratacus reacted to sixgun in Does the recent price dip confirm....   
    In the pre-1919 UK coinage a shilling weighed 5.65g and was 92.5% pure silver. So a shilling was 0.925 x 5.65g = 5.23g pure silver.

    So £1 = 20 shillings = 20 x 5.23g = 104.6g of silver.
    The £1 coin, the sovereign, has 31.1g x 0.2354 of gold = 7.32g.
    All the gold coins were in multiples of the gold weight and so were the silver coins. So a florin was twice the weight of a shilling and so on. The currency was money and the money was real - it was gold and silver. The coins had to be in ratios of weight according to value.
    The ratio of gold to silver in the UK currency up to 1919 was 104.6/7.32 = 14.29
    There was a GSR in the UK currency of 14.29.

    Why do we see the GSR today? - the last circulating currencies with silver in them pretty much disappeared in the 1960's (on the grounds it was important for the silver to be available for industrial uses - not the real reason that governments could start printing money to infinity, in which case the coins would rapidly become more valuable as silver than as coins).
    There is a GSR because it is a currency cross. It is a traded currency cross on the FX markets right up to today - XAU/XAG currency cross.
    But better not get people thinking silver is a currency - that it is money. Silver is a currency - $billions and billions are traded as a currency - this is what the Bank for International Settlements is doing trading silver b/c it is a currency.
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    Caratacus got a reaction from fireblade4life in Today I Received.....   
    From a belly dancer?
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    Caratacus got a reaction from Tattoedamat in Today I Received.....   
    From a belly dancer?
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    Caratacus reacted to SILVERFINGER in SILVERFINGERS Big Box Of Fun   
    Here is the only Falklands coin I have and made just after the war.
    5 Pence
    1x  1983  SOLD


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    Caratacus reacted to sovereignsteve in Brexit status ...   
    Seems the remoaners can't let it go
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    Caratacus got a reaction from SendYourCoin2Me in 2018 ¬£5 Gold Proof Royal Wedding-Harry and Meghan   
    Could try spending it in Canada?
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    Caratacus reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Average circulated Florins   
    £5 each (close to spot) plus post

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    Caratacus reacted to Serendipity in Sovereigns just became worthless.......   
    This is my favourite Twilight Zone episode. Gold is regarded as a safe haven investment by many but even the safest investment has its inherent risks. I just hope my gold doesn’t become obsolete in my lifetime whatever may happen to it in the distant future.
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    Caratacus reacted to Pampfan in Sovereigns just became worthless.......   
    For me - if the sovereign became completely worthless - I will become a buyer for everyone to sell too on the forum. My exchange rate would be 1 US Dime (10 cents) for each sovereign sent to me.
    So no one has anything to worry about !
    I can post pictures of my dimes just to show I‚Äôm not full of it! ūüėČ
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    Caratacus reacted to goldking in Sovereigns just became worthless.......   
    You would not be in business long because being the incredibly generous chap that I am, I would pay a whopping 1 US dollar (or 1 British pound for the UK folks) to anyone wanting to be rid of their "completely worthless" sovereigns. 
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    Caratacus reacted to diesel in Today I Received.....   
    After an age of waiting. 

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    Caratacus got a reaction from Alun in Today I Received.....   
    I wonder what sort of story some of these older bars have behind them, particularly from some of the older banks/mines that no longer exist
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    Caratacus reacted to AppleZippoandMetronome in Today I Received.....   
    In the 2020 stacking goals thread I wrote of my desire to add at least one each $5 and $10 Canadian gold coins minted between 1912 - 1914. These coins were among the first to really appeal to me when I got in to collecting in my late teens yet they've always felt out of reach. Today I took great pleasure in receiving and unwrapping one I had recently bought. I love everything about the design of these coins and will very much cherish this one.

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    Caratacus reacted to Alun in Today I Received.....   
    My first 10oz of 2020 ūüĎć

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    Caratacus reacted to Xander in Brexit status ...   
    A larger version of this would do.

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    Caratacus reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    Union Jack flags removed from our desks in the European Parliament, by order of the President. National symbols are now banned. Thank god we are leaving.
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    Caratacus reacted to JunkBond in Brexit status ...   
    Mark Carney standing down at last. ūüĎć
    One less remainer, I believe the new chap is a bit more optimistic.
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    Caratacus got a reaction from Tn21 in 1/10oz of .24 Au coin - Foolish antics   
    Very sorry to read about your grief over this-and thank you for bringing this con to our attention
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    Caratacus reacted to Darr3nG in 1/10oz of .24 Au coin - Foolish antics   
    Very clever, I had to re-read the ad a few times to see what was going on.
    Found a great description on this website --> [http://about.ag/FakeCookIslands24Gold.htm]
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    Caratacus reacted to Tn21 in 1/10oz of .24 Au coin - Foolish antics   
    The first coin as mentioned before has been refunded and the money is back into my account after going through the eBay dispute. 
    Update 2 of 2
    The ebayer folded and accepted the return for the second coin in the end without the need for it to go through to the dispute process. A refund is currently being processed. 
    Thanks to Arshimo and lmufc for initially pointing out the issues with these coins. 
    In the end the total damage was only £13.20 which was the cost of sending two seperate packages via SD. 
    A result , happy days. 
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    Caratacus reacted to sixgun in Just getting into silver, a bunch of questions, advice needed   
    i think i would prefer to be in Bulgaria - when the SHTF i would prefer to be in a rural area with a bit of land. The people are more self reliant - become able to grow your own food - you can live and feed yourself i don't believe Germany is bail anyone out. It will be sink or swim. 

    There is a lot of normalcy bias - something has normally been some way or other and it will just carry on like that. The EU will not be ok. There is a risk people will starve. Assuming we have significant global cooling then there will be food price rises and shortages.
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    Caratacus got a reaction from SILVERFINGER in Climate Change   
    This is an important issue that is little understood outside of specialist forestry fire services
    It is suggested that eucalyptus bark is so dense that the eucalyptus trees survive fires and regrow; whereas other trees do not recover; this means that eucalyptus spreads and increases the risk of further intense fires. This is a similar issue found with some of  the intense fires in Portugal recently where eucalyptus is also grown
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