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  1. Just see your new video in YouTube BYB can I have the code to order plz as like to get some Brits in before the end of the year thanks Womble stacker
  2. Sorry to ask what's the code needed to put in for the group orders from European mint via BYB
  3. Yes true I've not done it yet with out BYB help,will have to set up paywise or what ever it is to pay direct to European mint as use to do it direct to them via my bank but got hit with charges from my bank to pay them then heavy shipping too .so it doesn't make sense to do it that way as don't save much at all.
  4. As I was going order with goldsilverbe but there post cost wow
  5. You deserve a break ,you and Mrs BYB ,Brexit won't happen this year now early Feb now if at all.
  6. Group orders from European mint,as BYB is having a well earned break and soon to having an operation and looks like Brexit won't be happening is anyone else taking over the group orders
  7. Boris will have to do an extension on Brexit ,so Brexit won't be happening before the new year hope we can do another group order before xmas
  8. Thought the group orders were over till we new what was happening with Brexit
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