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  1. @HighlandTiger - Not been in touch since the Nordfrim bonanza, that you most generously shared with the Forum- where we all did very well and, mostly, got what we wanted! Back in the real world, as you say, and that is where our current situation is failing, trying to please those who want it all ways! All the Best, HT!
  2. Further to the thread on 2019 Matte Sovereign increase, I noticed the price of 2018 and 2019 Five-Sovereign Pieces has been increased to £2150. I remember many of us thought the 2017 BU Five Sovereign Piece was expensive at £1875, Just shows you.
  3. May I say, I just viewed your post, it is very well written and reasoned. It was a pleasure to read it.
  4. I am a bit late to this thread. An In or Out on a knife edge result was madness for a vote with such a radical outcome. I have to say, if you take it at face value, Theresa May is the only one standing forward to do the job and I think for the scale of the job, she is doing a great job, but it is an impossible job. Most of her Honourable colleagues are quite happy to watch the country burn. I think the Aesop fable; The Miller, His Son, and Their Ass sums it up pretty well; "The poor Miller now set out sadly for home. By trying to please everybody, he had pleased nob
  5. That was a big investment. That was, indeed, one of the finest pick ups and a classic Forum post. Very unusual to get a genuine bargain like that one!
  6. For a trip down "Memory Lane" who remembers the fun we had with the Nordfrim Britannias? A very generous share with Forum Member @HighlandTiger. I noticed the envelopes and the individually packaged coins I got from them the other night. Never got round to having a close look at them, but they were presented coins.
  7. An interesting thread. I bought two 2017's immediately after the @Numistacker video on the subject. They were £494.70 - £247.35 each and they only had a few left at that time. If I remember this included a £10 "new customer" discount if you got the order over £500; so I did really well. I don't study coins and so I was lucky to have followed the tip on the video. They are lovely coins - better condition than many of the Proof and BU variants I received from (and returned to) the RM for the 2017 "Specials". It really amazes me that if this (2018) is a 100 anniversary coin that th
  8. Once again someone going back on a deal, or a most unfortunate theft. Very frustrating, but can't say it any better than above!
  9. This is not really any of my business, although I have participated in a Group Order. I was disappointed in the quality and presentation of the coins I was sent, but chose to keep my own counsel on that as the organiser was doing the best he could in a very Forum spirited manner and I take my hat of to someone who helps others, not themselves - most unusual these days. I made my own decision about future participation in the Group Order and moved on. At one time a handshake or a Gentleman's word and the ensuing reputation was important, it seems less valued nowadays. But what
  10. I quite often think this when someone acts in a manner that is not befitting, I get a worried look or a silence when I say; "It's just as well you don't work on a building site"
  11. What crisis? Indeed. Higher oil prices Devaluation of the £ Inflation at 6 month high Labour government next to be in power Petrol and Diesel effectively rationed at current prices! Town Halls going bankrupt. I agree it is starting to feel a little familiar. And we are sleep walking into a Brexit black hole - something that took 45 years to embed just can't be sorted in 170 days time. The thing is that we are so chucked out, individually, on a corporate and country wide level, on an international and global level that there is no headroom. No prospect
  12. I agree with the prior posts that ebay is generally good. It is (some) buyers and sellers that are what you have to worry about. Very good if you keep your wits about you and ebay is, in my experience, right behind its loyal customers.
  13. Congratulations on a magnificent coin purchase! This is in a league of its own. Well done, once more.
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