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  1. Many thanks for this information. This is the answer to the $64m question! Should be a great year for gold coin collecting.
  2. 2017 all over again - although with such a massive number of coins rushed maybe we expect too much for every coin to be perfect. I think I will settle with mine too - the replacements may come from other returns - I think this was some of our experience in the past. I feel our collective pain!
  3. My Goodness - that clarifies it, but that is such a surprise for me. I expect QC of the proofs will be in much sharper focus now. Mine has what looks like a part of a fingerprint on it and some skips in the frosting too........... this could be interesting!
  4. Good Morning. After a break from the Forum I was lucky not to have missed the 2022 Proof Sovereign release. As I had no prior knowledge of it I had to make a quick decision. yesterday, of whether I liked the coin or not and then take a view on value for money. I decided to buy one Sovereign. I have to say the design is a real winner and when I viewed Mr. Noad's video on YouTube later it just reinforced what a great design this coin is with great design heritage too. In this day and age where there is a sea of money out there and an insatiable demand for good assets it was surely no surprise that there was no availability after less than 24 hours. The contrast to the 1989 Sovereign where it was just not popular really pulls the current economic situation into ultra sharp focus. So I'd say; "Very well done" to all that bought one, or better still a set. I really can hardly wait to see it in hand - I think it will be a screamer in proof. Is it a 50/50 whether or not it will be Bullion release? What are the options - could there be further BU limited releases? So interesting and in closing I would also say that this thread has been such a pleasure to read all the way from the start, till now, and hopefully much more to come with lovely photographs of beautiful coins in hand. Well done.
  5. Thank you for letting us know about this - a very interesting broadcast.
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