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  1. Recieved the latest installment of the Perth Mint Figure of Eight series - 2020 Phoenix & Dragon coin. Nice series and something different. Great ornamental pieces! Released so far; 2018 Dragon / Dragon, 2019 Koi Fish, 2020 Phoenix / Dragon.
  2. Just noticed this continuation of the Figure of Eight coin series from The Perth Mint. Definitely not for everybody, but I'll certainly be adding it to the other two I have 👌 I do like these designs and how presentable they are Mintage of 3,888 - https://www.perthmint.com/figure-8-dragon-and-phoenix-2020-2oz-antiqued-coin-inn-.aspx?j=3079653&sfmc_sub=584163526&l=94532_HTML&u=177936477&mid=7226649&jb=7&utm_source=nl&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-feb-nl1-uk&utm_content=NR
  3. Thanks bud, I'll have a look 👌 Added 0 minutes later... PM inbound Jason 👌
  4. Does anyone have a 2018 Gold OB Britannia they are looking to sell? Going to NYC in Feb and planning to pick one up, but thought I'd put feelers out here first. Feel free to PM me 👌
  5. BeeCee

    Who is next?

    I think that's the bit that's not been confirmed yet. I personally think it will continue past 7. Plenty of characters to choose from, thus plenty of money to be made!
  6. BeeCee

    Who is next?

    Perth Mint have confirmed on Instagram that the Hulk is the new 2019 dated coin 👍
  7. Managed to get an up to date set of the silver proof Queens Beasts series. The bullion are pretty, but these are absolutely stunning! Thanks to @Lr103 and @TheCoinConnection
  8. Managed to get an up to date set of the silver proofs. The bullion are pretty, but these are really stunning!
  9. BeeCee

    Gold coins

    Following, as the Britannia is of interest 👍
  10. I agree, the matte finish is very nice. Almost pearlescent in the right light 👌
  11. It's a shame we are saying goodbye to group orders as we know it. It was a fantastic service you provided Mr and Mrs BYB! I would be happy with paying directly to EM and still benefit from the postage savings 👌 will be interesting to see how this situation progresses.
  12. I liked the look of the series, then all these variants started coming out and it put me right off. I sold what I had and invested in other things, but that was also as I wanted to invest in something I could display. The series looked promising and there are great designs in the series, but was too much for me when 3 different Scrofa's appeared.
  13. Don't think these will be as popular, quite expensive for .925 silver. Coloured coins seem to be gaining quite the backing though!
  14. @Alun had some bother last year trying to get answers about how many this series would end on. Last update was that it was an 'ongoing' series, implying there would be more than six. Just how many come along, who knows at present. There are plenty of marvel characters I'd like to see though. Just got Cap through a few days ago and the set looks immense (especially in person!)
  15. Thank you Mr and Mrs BYB. Another happy customer at this end 👍
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