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  1. Very inspiring @Abyss- congratulations on your achievement.
  2. I'm hoping for BullionBuyer the First!!!!!! I do love the reverse design on the Canadian Maple but that portrait of the Queen is terrible and ruins the coin for me.
  3. @HeirloomsThank you for this link- looks very useful. Time to open up the spreadsheet - my evening is sorted!!!!!!!!
  4. I also love collecting Britannias. I do find that there is enough variety to make this area worth collecting and you can't go far wrong with bullion coins. Where there is an extended gap between designs I might then look at other gold coins for variety.End of the day GOLD IS GOLD!!!!!
  5. Another coin to add to my 'To buy list'. At this rate I will need to win the lottery to buy everything I want!!!!!!!
  6. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! My Precious.
  7. If you are a newbie then I would always suggest that you start a collection that you can finish. Nothing more frustrating then starting off with all that enthusiasm and then it all disappearing because you couldn't get that one coin to finish the collection.
  8. For any selling decisions I would always go back to why you purchased your PM. What was your objective? If it was to trade in the short term and exploit any opportunities then by all means sell. If your objective was to get out of fiat money or to diversify your portfolio or wealth preservation then perhaps you may want to hang on for the longer term. Good luck in your decision.
  9. Given that there is no financial education at schools it is down to parents to give their teachings.To that end it is never to early to introduce the young to PMs as I feel that this is a great place to start.
  10. Thought it was interesting to hear Nixon say that the US was temporarily removing the conversion of the USD into Gold. When did this become permanent???? or maybe 48 years and counting is seen as temporary.
  11. I don't know of many other things, other than gold, that can still have a store of value after 2000 years and where the real value of that has been maintained. Surely it is this property that makes gold 'magical' over all other metals. The USD is a fiat currency that has lost 95% of its real value over the past 100 years or so. Only gold has maintained its real value over this time.
  12. No you can't - have you ever tried to exchange base metal for fiat currency in another country. You can however with gold and silver which are recognised as having a store of value and being accepted as a form of money.
  13. @KDave- My friend if you started stacking PM at the ripe old age of 25 t and got to 1kg then you have no idea how far ahead of the curve you are when compared to your peer group. Congratulations and respect.
  14. Do miners process gold on site to produce gold bars??? I thought miners just dig a hole, extract the ore and process the ore and then send the metal off somewhere else to be processed into bars and coins. Obviously I am no mining expert!!!!!!
  15. Just because we are not on the gold standard does not mean that we cannot price things in gold. Gold is a currency after all - in fact it is THE universal currency - more so than the Dollar. I think you are right in that the price of gold will ultimately be driven by the supply and demand of physical gold. Today gold price MAY be manipulated (COMEX market for example or the disclosure of traders who have admitted to manipulating price- can't remember which banks) but ultimately when the SHTF it will be real demand and supply that will determine price.
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