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  1. The goddess Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity whilst the first coin (top left) is Lord Ganesh the Hindu god of wisdom and remover of all obstacles.
  2. Great advice by @Tn21 if you are interested in precious metals for the long term. For me what matters is not what I pay but how much do I have. Short term fluctuations in price is just a distraction and we all know that PM prices are trending up over the long term.
  3. Yes - they redefine gold stacking. Multi-generational stackers!!!!!
  4. It makes you wonder how much gold is held in private hands in countries like China and India.
  5. I've used BBP on numerous occasions and never had a problem. Great customer service.
  6. I thought for UK residents any proceeds from the disposal of precious metal should be reported to HMRC, even though some PMs may be CGT free. If you have made a profit and your your PM is CGT free then there is nothing to pay. If you have made a loss on your disposal then you can carry forward those losses and offset them against any future gains but this can only be done if you have reported the loss in the first place. I then went on the HMRC website and discovered that coins and stamps are categorised as personal possessions and that anything over £6,000 needs to reported. But the annual exemption is £12,300. I'm more confused than when I started!!!!! https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax-personal-possessions Any accountants on the forum who can shed more light on this???
  7. @Tn21Thank you for sharing - These videos were very insigthful and entertaining.
  8. Very inspiring @Abyss- congratulations on your achievement.
  9. I'm hoping for BullionBuyer the First!!!!!! I do love the reverse design on the Canadian Maple but that portrait of the Queen is terrible and ruins the coin for me.
  10. @HeirloomsThank you for this link- looks very useful. Time to open up the spreadsheet - my evening is sorted!!!!!!!!
  11. I also love collecting Britannias. I do find that there is enough variety to make this area worth collecting and you can't go far wrong with bullion coins. Where there is an extended gap between designs I might then look at other gold coins for variety.End of the day GOLD IS GOLD!!!!!
  12. Another coin to add to my 'To buy list'. At this rate I will need to win the lottery to buy everything I want!!!!!!!
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