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  1. Thanks for the responses, appreciated. As you can tell I'm not as knowledgeable as you lot when it comes to this sort of stuff and I had no doubt that posting this would gather a bit of interest with people in the know! But tbh I'm not in a position right now to go and purchase it, as much as I wouldlove to have it, especially after reading up on the history of it
  2. I didn't purchase it. I'm just curious to know if it's worth the asking price, thanks
  3. Groundz

    Ebay down?

    Still down for me atm
  4. I'm looking to add to my stack tomorrow, I've been thinking about buying a sovereign or a 1/4 brit, which would be my first ever gold purchase. I've noticed a few threads discussing each coin and I'm sort of leaning towards the sovereign and I've been looking on the internet for the best prices I can find. I'm just wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction and maybe tell me the maximum I should be paying for either coin and where I could get one at a fair price. Also, if I want to make a silver purchase at the same time should I buy my silver and gold from one of those European sites, so that I don't need multiple deliveries. Sorry for my naivety!
  5. Groundz


    I went earlier and I got a few of them still inside the royal mint packaging for £16 each. They're actually 2013 coins, not 2015. It's an antique/Coin shop. He said he has lots of britannias and other coins. Should I buy more for that value? Or am I better getting them from silvertogo or something? Obviously the good thing is that im not paying for any sort of delivery. Yesterday I got a 2006 panda and today I got the other one he had which was a 2010 that I paid £25 for. Any pointers and advice would be much appreciated, feel like I'm learning something from every purchase
  6. Groundz


    What's a fair price do you reckon ?
  7. Groundz


    I'm able to get some 2015 britannias that are in good condition for £18 each and some other coins for around the same price too. I'm just curious to know if that is something I should go for or if I should try and haggle with the price. I don't want to get in the habbit of paying too much over spot price, considering what it's at right now. Any advice and opinions would be appreciated, thanks
  8. Groundz

    Good purchase?

    I've thrown in a few different angles of the Panda too
  9. Groundz

    Good purchase?

    I think I figured out the dragon, as far as I can tell it was produced by Sunshine Minting, but I can't really find any for sale anywhere
  10. Groundz

    Good purchase?

    I am happy to provide other pictures of it, I've taken another few from different angles and the "triangle" isn't showing up. The marks you see are mostly dust. They all came in capsules and I don't have a loupe. Any info on that other coin would be appreciated too. Thanks
  11. Groundz

    Good purchase?

    There's no damage to it, I think it's just the reflection of the light from that angle. The coin seems to be in great condition apart from a slight discolour at the bottom
  12. Groundz

    Good purchase?

    I have more pics but it's not letting me post for some reason. The other 2 coins are an Australian 2015 Funnel-web spider which seems to be in great condition and a 2005 American eagle which has slight discoloration around the rim
  13. Groundz

    Good purchase?

    Hi, I'm new to stacking and I'm just looking for someone to tell me if I've made a decent purchase or not. I went to an antique shop near where I live today and picked up 4 1oz coins for £72, which is £18 per coin. I feel like I might have paid too much but I got them because I like the look. There was another Panda 2010 he wanted £25 for, is that fair or not? Also, I'm not sure what the 'Year of the Dragon' coin is or if it has any collectors value. Someone just give it to me straight please. I realised after that the panda coin has slight discoloration at the bottom of the panda side. Added 0 minutes later...
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