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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend a courier to ship a 1kg silver coin (that has a pounds sterling face value) from UK to Germany with appropriate insurance cover? From reading the small print it seems many couriers will not carry items that are deemed "legal tender". As anyone who has ever tried to spend a Scottish tenner in London knows that term is fraught with difficulties! Cheers GG
  2. Haha! Believe me having been seriously messed around with orders from other dealers (Tulving anyone?!) over the past decade this has been a breath of fresh air for sure.
  3. A quick shout out to say thanks to @EuropeanMint . I raised an issue I was having with delivery via TNT and they replied within hours and took immediate action to resolve. Fantastic customer service and I would unreservedly recommend. This is exactly what you want to see from your dealer. Fast and courteous responses putting things right immediately. I can see why they are the dealer of choice when it comes to the group orders. Top notch.
  4. Photos from the forthcoming post brexit european mint bus tour brochure...
  5. Buy it VAT free via a European dealer then sell to a UK dealer if/when the time comes. Some European dealers are selling platinum Britannias for barely 8% over spot just now so there is much lower risk to being caught out price wise. I got 97.5% of the current spot price selling a few Palladium bars/coins back to Baird's recently. Sure I could have got a bit more selling privately but I more wanted to move quickly and effectively swap for platinum. Platinum has never been this cheap in history relative to Gold and Palladium and the cost of production is much higher than current spot price... but that doesn't mean to say it can't get cheaper just cos I bought some https://pmtrend.com/ratio-history?q=platinum-to-gold https://pmtrend.com/ratio-history?q=platinum-to-palladium
  6. Hi all. New to the topic and the board. I've been a buyer of platinum over the past 3 months or so. The main reason being the cost of production is far higher than the current spot price of $800. I've seen quotes of All in sustaining costs (AISC) of anywhere between $950 and $1100 per ounce. The weak Rand has lowered mining costs somewhat in major producer country South Africa but that has its limits. I don't see this going back to $2000 any time soon but for those with a longer term outlook hoovering up cheap platinum now while it is below cost will certainly prove profitable in the next 3-5 years. Well that's my thoughts anyways. I like that no one is buying (only 2 of us seem to have bought any on this last group order) and I even managed to get a half ounce pamp bar below spot recently!
  7. A classic Auric Goldfinger operation... "in this case the body work of my Rolls Royce is 18 carat gold"
  8. No deal -> Scottish independence -> independent Scotland rejoins EU -> backyard bullion moves to Edinburgh and takes advantage of VAT free silver and easy access to Edinburgh assay office on his doorstep ūüėČ
  9. First time joining the group order and appears I am the first buyer of platinum this go round. Thanks to @BackyardBullion for securing an amazing deal.
  10. Oh cool I had been holding off placing an order as it still says they are on pre-sale... but sounds like they actually have stock
  11. Where did you get the 2oz "End of World War I" coin from @zittergie if you don't mind me asking? Loving the nessie too... added one to my stack a few weeks back.
  12. Hi all. Started buying physical silver way back in 2008 as I couldn't afford to buy a house and wanted to invest in something that would grow my deposit. Ended up going on the wild nail biting ride from $16 down to $8 and back up to $50. Sold my entire stack in 2011 when the silver to house price ratio hit a recent historic extreme. Started building up my stack now and then from 2016 onwards and starting to accelerate my purchases as I think we could be on the verge of a 2009-2011 re-run. Platinum looks really interesting here too. Joined the forum in the hope of participating in the current group order from EM.
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