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  1. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread810904/pg1
  2. I’m not really bothered about the price just the place offering the best price per ounce, I’m new to stacking and bought my first few coins but I just bought them of the first website I seen and I’m looking for the best place to get my next order Added 0 minutes later... I’ll have a look cheers mate
  3. Where’s the cheapest place right now to buy 1 oz of silver ? I live in the UK and I’m not bothered if it’s bars or coins but I want it to be either a company or legit person on here not eBay thanks
  4. Means like silver that’s not 999 like sterling or the dimes you guys have which is like 50% or something
  5. I’m about to buy the gear needed to refine silver and I know the best thing to do is keep searching eBay etc for good deals but what’s the cheapest place to get some now ? Just so I can give it a go. I’m from the uk so preferably somewhere where I don’t need to pay large postage thanks a lot
  6. How do I join the group order I’ve looked everywhere on the site but cannot find it
  7. I’m new to silver stacking and wanting to start off simple by getting a few 1oz Britannia coins where is the best place to buy them from ? Cheers
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