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  1. Best price for one bar with SD to a UK address, please?
  2. Price for the 2021 Sov with SD to UK address, please?
  3. Is the 2021 sov still for sale?
  4. Will you sell individual bars and if so at what price please?
  5. Any of these still for sale? Very interested in taking one of your hands. Cash waiting! Thanks
  6. Many thanks for the all feedback regarding the image originally supplied. I have uploaded two better (IMO) images. These are the best I am able to achieve with my iPhone camera. To explain a little more at what you’re looking at, the border of the coin is a little thinner around where the R in “Regina” is stamped. It appears to have been struck off centre and as a result the border is noticeably thicker around the Z in “Elizabeth”. I intend to contact Atkinsons tomorrow morning to query it with them but it would be great to here some views of those with greater experience and knowledge in
  7. Yesterday I took delivery of a 2020 Gold Sovereign, purchased online from Atkinsons. As this is my first gold coin addition to my stack I have a query about the coin itself. One the queen's head side it appear the die has been struck off centre, resulting in a thicker border around the edge of the coin on one side. I attach a couple of photos to try illustrate my point but am unable to pick up the finer details of the coin. Will this in any way affect the value of my sovereign and it is worthy of a complaint from the seller, seeking a replacement?
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