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  1. Yesterday I took delivery of a 2020 Gold Sovereign, purchased online from Atkinsons. As this is my first gold coin addition to my stack I have a query about the coin itself. One the queen's head side it appear the die has been struck off centre, resulting in a thicker border around the edge of the coin on one side. I attach a photo to try illustrate my point but am unable to pick up the finer details of the coin. Will this in any way affect the value of my sovereign and it is worthy of a complaint from the seller, seeking a replacement?
  2. Hello, and a Happy New Year to one and all. My name is Dan and I live in the UK. I have only recently discovered the idea of “stacking” after researching investment opportunities, and found the forum via Backyard Bullion’s informative Youtube channel. I’ve been researching silver bullion of late as gold is a little out of my price range, for now at least. I have started my own stack in the most humble of circumstances, recently taking delivery of a 2018 1oz Silver Britannia coin from eBay. I am looking to speaking with you all and learning from others and hope to share my own growth
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